Gap Year Diaries #2- Kenyan Mardi Gras

Gap Year Diaries #2- Kenyan Mardi Gras

Can’t wait for this years edition!


Hello beautiful people!

Mardi Gras has finally come to Kenya! Maybe a little bit late but hey, better late than never right? On the 7th of March, me, my sister & my best friend decided to go along and be part of Nairobi’s first ever Mardi Gras because well, why the hell not?

Fire dancers, dancing men on stilts, outrageous and colourful costumes and of course some amazing music. This event went down way better than I thought it would. With two different stages/dancefloors with two different types of music there was definitely something for everyone. Food stands, multiple bars, body painting stations and merch stands were on display all over the rather large venue. Confetti streamers and whistles being blown on the dancefloor, Cushions strewn across the balcony for anyone who needed a little bit of a break from the hectic vibe downstairs.

11056089_1552822044967813_1420410132271086619_n           11034213_1026886644018826_4388966254777883377_n


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