SLAM/ Storymoja Festival Spoken Word Poetry Call Out

SLAM/ Storymoja Festival Spoken Word Poetry Call Out

Spoken Word is a sub-genre of poetry that may be termed (mostly) as the performed equivalent of free verse in written poetry. It traces deeply cultured roots back several hundred years in both known and unknown history – from the minstrels in the medieval ages to the oral literature carriers in some African societies. Popularised by the likes of Gill Scott Heron in the 1970s, it has grown and spread all over the world, striving to ground and define itself in the last several decades.

In Kenya, several poetry events have served as platforms for the art; some happening weekly, monthly or on a quarterly basis. Slam Africa, a competition (slamming) based event, however has established itself as the art’s ultimate home. Started at Daas Restaurant in 2009, it has come down a long road of evolution. Churning out 51 Slam champions along the way to getting its home at PAWA 254.

For its next edition, on 10th August 2014, Slam Africa will be partnering with the Storymoja Festival to bring out the best from the contestants. Storymoja is offering free admission to a performance poetry masterclass with the Ugandan Poet Namulondo Rashida M at the festival (and an assorted gift package) to the five top contestants.

You can register as a Slammer by calling this number 0720 785 173 or 0736 564 538 by Friday, 18th July 2014 or email Email subject line should read “52nd Slam Application” .

For more information on the masterclass, go here.

Check out more about the Storymoja Festival here.


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