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So recently got two amazing opportunities to blog. One with story moja as a festival blogger and the opther for UP magazine as an online contributor. Although that last one isnt quite confirmed so fingers crossed. Here’s more about story moja.


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Storymoja is a Kenyan publishing company that is committed to publishing high quality East
African stories. Our activities and initiatives are geared towards addressing two main
challenges that hinder the growth of a reading culture. We consider lack of access to
appropriate reading materials and lack of interest in reading for pleasure as the main
Our motto is to ‘Get a book in every hand.’ Growing Kenya’s reading culture is Storymoja’s
mission as it feeds our business, personal call as writers, and patriotic duty. To enhance
access to appropriate materials, we have published 78 titles of which 80% are children titles.
In addition, we run the Storymoja Hay festival- an annual international literary & ideas
festival in Nairobi every September.
The Reading Revolution campaign is supported by the following initiatives:
 Start A Library: To generate interest in reading and facilitate greater access to books to
underpreviledged schools, Storymoja initiated this campaign in 2012. To date, 42
libraries have been installed in public primary schools in Kenya.
 Storytelling in Schools- Our storytelling team regularly visits primary schools in Nairobi
and its environs to excite them about stories. This is a popular ongoing programme with
both teachers and children. We also arrange for author visits.
 Writing workshops. We organize a series of writing workshops for budding writers to
improve their craft skills and to develop books and stories.
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