Society, Church and the #MavunoPoster


It’s impossible not to think you people are absolutely daft sometimes… actually a lot of the time. By you people I mean the ultra conservative “Mavuno is the devil’s playground and gay people belong in asylum ” Christians. The kind who last night were online celebrating the passing of the recently passed gay law in Uganda (led of course by captain disinformation and bigotry Robert Alai, OK maybe he didn’t celebrate but he’s still a bigot so meh). So the girl in the poster had short shorts on, so the sermons have names like you can gerrit or shades of gray; however did you bother finding out what the sermons were about or did you jump on your judgment band wagon like you always do (I bet it was the latter). Btw the jokes and memes aren’t even the problem, because they’re just JOKES but people calling the church “a den of pornography and gays ” are pretty much twits in my book.

Worried that secularism is invading your churches? I think you got the memo late my friends. Turn on your television on Sunday morning (local broadcasters) and every weekday afternoon (NTV) and you’ll notice that Kenyan worship got secular a long long time ago. I’m sick of people saying that the Word does not need to change in it’s dissemination or form in order for the Gospel to spread. Really? Pick up your Bible, go ahead, pick it and go through the first few pages, see that bit where it says VERSION?  Mellow on that for a bit before you keep reading. The church as an entity is constantly changing, if it didn’t need then Martin Luther (the German) would’ve just kept to himself and you would still all be Catholics and the Pope would be a political and spiritual leader prone to corruption.

The church needs to change just as society changes, so don’t expect pastors to sit around preaching the same tired rhetoric when they can tailor their sermons towards getting kids into pews.


Finally, sex and the church. Let’s face it, if they had any tired old boring poster NONE of you would be talking about it. I guess it achieved it’s purpose. Got people talking about sex and the youth! First thing you thought of when you saw her legs was “so much skin how dare they”. Let’s face it that’s how a lot of girls dress these days, or what you’d rather pretend that because you’re in church that doesn’t happen? Bah, grow up.

No one wants to have the “talk” with their parents. First time I heard Mum say “use protection” something shattered at the back of my skull into little fragments that tinkled like lost innocence. Pastors are doing it, kids are doing it hell (sorry )practically the entire congregation is doing it, so why not talk about it?
I think (even as an atheist ) that church is one of the best places to have discussions on sex, self esteem and self discovery. Not because of the Christian rhetoric (Gaea help us no) but because of the philosophical basis they use to talk about it. It’s better that they learn about preserving their virginity and or dignity  from Pastor Whatsisface.than from watching American Pie and feeling like a loser because they’re sixteen years old and haven’t had sex yet. That poster says (to me anyway) your kids are doing this, get them in here before it gets out of hand!
And to people who say they should have used a teen suffering from an STI, would you go for that sermon as a teenager? Would you? Huh? Sirreh!
You don’t always have to threaten people!
“If you do this, you’re going to hell”
“Have sex before marriage? AIDS ”
how about
“Don’t do that, that’s wrong.”
“Sex before marriage? Are you sure your emotionally ready for it?”

TTYL world
Don’t forget


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