Activism and Retirement (Giving up? Quiting?)


Im sure by now since none of you live under a rock you’ve heard that Boniface Mwangi, has retired.  If you don’t recognize the name I’m sure you remember his image from the multiple times you’ve seen him subjected to a thorough ass butt whopping by our governments so called security forces. Sometimes we even get to see him carted off by the same security forces as he usually chants some slogan or other relating to the protest at that time, all these in effort to get the rather outspoken photographer to STFU. It seems that… it worked. His reasons however  valid have honestly pissed a lot of people off, yours truly included… I just think he should have lied a little bit.

I’ve always wanted to eventually join Bonnie and the die hard “actions not just words “.people in the streets but I have this allergy to tear gas (got it from cutting an onion as a child, rather inconvenient ) and to beatings (rugby will never be more than a spectator sport for this blogger ). In other words I’m afraid, but people like Bonnie going out their braving brutality always gave me a little bit of hope that one day I might join their ranks and be immortalized by the results of said sacrifice. Unfortunately online I keep seeing that his reason for retirement is that Kenyans are “NOT worth the effort.” Granted I’ve only seen this from his Excellency the captain of sometimes getting a story right Robert Alai so I’m willing to give that quote the benefit of the doubt, for now.

But look at it this way, are we worth it. Should he REALLY bother. Risking your life day in day out protesting moves by leaders who EVIDENTLY should not be in power but who keep getting voted back in by the same people your activism is about saving. Can we really be rescued from our own stupidity? If he died at the mpigs protest wouldn’t we just move on singing  “tralalalala vote for him he’s a Kikuyu we can trust him.” People who refuse to give doctors (I mean bloody hell DOCTORS) their due?  Another squandered sacrifice like those of our forefathers?

Are Dr King and Malcolm X looking down on Black Americans (your African American if you moved there from Africa with a green card kk?) thinking “nice work with that civil rights thing! Now more bands to make her dance, twerk it twerk it.” I don’t mean to be negative, honestly I don’t, but majority of the melanin efficient community in the states (and the world for that matter) aren’t doing too well with the freedom people died to afford us. I mean if someone buys me a bottle of whiskey worth 1000 USD I’d be excited, save it up for a wedding  or something, if they paid for my freedom in blood and lives I’d do much more than we as a people are doing now.

Closer to home Garang and the other soldiers who died in the civil war are probably squirming in their graves begging death for one more opportunity to give the people they left behind, to lead South Sudan into a future of independence, promise and prosperity, a proper tongue lashing on how the power struggles of political giants can trample and kill those oblivious.

Shaka Zulu would probably just cut of Malema’s head and put it outside the ANC “kraal” to ward off any more dumb asses from joining the political movement and embarrassing it further.

My point is that these leaders sacrificed so much and would probably do it again but it’s watching their life’s work go to waste that probably made Mr Mwangi quit (let’s face it he quit ). These guys if given another chance would probably do it again even though they know it would result in this (albeit investing in Kevlar vests and armour plated vehicles),why because they knew  that come what may their sacrifices did make a difference in our lives and in fact that some people use he advantages of the freedom they fought for to their fullest.
Sure Bonnie has every right to move from fighting the good fight on the streets to a more background (safe?)role but he could have done it in a better way, with a little white lie that wouldn’t discourage the average future placard holding budding activist such as myself and others. “I’m no longer willing to die for my country, I will live for it because my kids need a father.” That’s actually a quote from him… honestly, after someone who’s seen it all says that would you go out into the streets protest and end up dead or ass butt whooped for a bunch of ungrateful sods? Later in life you’ll be in heaven (or hell ).looking back at your life and you realize your sacrifice was so that KHRC can drag out your name every time they want to embarrass the government? I wouldn’t.

TTYL world


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