Don’t Mistake Preference for Prejudice


This was my  Facebook comment on an article I shared  that I feel (due to a flurry of inboxes) is should expound on. I’m not against feminism, I am against all forms of prejudice in fact. Yeah sure I make the occasional sexist joke but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in a woman’s right to be who she is. One thing that irks me though is stuff that’s labeled erroneously as prejudice. A guy preferring light skinned girls or skinny girls to the opposite does not make me sexist or misguided any more than his preference for heterosexual sex over sex with other men make him  homophobic. It’s a matter of preference and anyone who tries to take that choice away from him is in fact, the misguided one. 

Btw the light skin girl thing has nothing to do with it… Just an example kk?
Anyway the comment was in reference to this article

ten things about women that men find unattractive

you know what I take back what I said about this two minutes ago, there’s nothing sexist about this. I don’t even know why I was trying to be PC. if it’s not attractive it’s not attractive, period. it doesn’t say ten things women should stopdoing, it’s not restricting your right to go out and get slammed then crawl home to tweet about it. it’s not even an unfair article. most guys just don’t like this shit. fact.I never said all, I said most. personally the hair thing doesn’t bother me unless she shaves like whaterfac who was bald on the sides and had braids down the middle. the people complaining about this post sound like black people (see mugabe) who think anything the white man does as racism”here have some free aid ” racism because the assume we can’t take care of ourselves or because later they want to control us.sometimes a spade is just a spade and this article… is a spade. deal with it

TTYL world

I don’t have a daughter yet but when I do and she asks what twerking is I’ll look her dead in the eye and tell her it’s when identical twins go to each others jobs


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