Just a few memories


I’ve been doing this thing recently, (aside from my book ) where I jot down the most memorable things that have happened to me or that I’ve experienced. Some of you might know that my life has been characteristically filled with all sorts of adventures and sometimes I’m shocked I’m still alive when I wake up in the morning lol. But the little things, the little things always stand out the most,especially when your trying to write it down and words can’t even encompass the wealth of emotion that wells up in you just because you thought about it. Stuff like the first time I put my hand on Makenna’s tummy and felt Kelile’s fluttering heart beat and realizing that there was an entire humanity being slowly being grown inside her. Or going to see them at the hospital and too scared to go near him because I’d sneezed two days earlier and babies are all fragile and stuff.

Also I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to pick him up, Google is apparently not equipped to train men how to hold babies (the limits of tech Sigh ). Besides I’ve heard of this thing called diaper duty where the person holding the baby has to change him or her in the event of one of those dreaded pooping lol.

Of course there’s other things that count as memorable! Like breaking into an estate construction sight and playing spot the ninja with the watchmen, who couldn’t be too sure if they just saw a chap with a pink kikoy running across the compound or if the cold was causing hallucinations.

There is of course also the day I lost my virginity but it wouldn’t make for very good reading, not much can be written on a three minute session of awkward humping :-P. I honestly didn’t think it counted though, it was my first time physically but mentally it was just a meh hiccup on the road. I think I lost my actual virginity two years later but… that’s like a whole other blog posts worth of info.
Speaking of blog posts the first time the stats passed a thousand people sticks with every blogger. That and the fact that my friends are weird and waited till my blog got to 666 views to start taking screenshots. Yes Kevin… I remember all.

My first power sandwich from Uchumi just before we left for the club,an explosion of heaven in my mouth! Little angels flitted in and out of my head even as I danced with whoever I was dating at the time… (see the sandwich I remember, her not so much, brutal but honest ) fellow sandwich lovers BTW check out Team Sandwich KE on the Facebook.
Also can’t have a post of memories without mentioning that first night I got drunk… actually Yeah you can… can’t remember anything from that day. Thank you Diageo and Smirnoff in particular.

This post is by no means over…. just on pause for now

TTYL world

You know who else releases a music album with no one knowing? Beyonces sister Solange



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