Shoot a Zebra save a Rhino


My take on wildlife conservation is what most people would call controversial or even extreme. But depite that at the end of the day it impossible to miss the cold hard facts. Sport hunting is good for our wildlife, if it was legal here in kenya Id probably save up for New Years Day to go out to the game ranches in Nanyuki and shoot me some zebra bugger the cliché Diani new years plans.

For years it’s been debated whether we are actually protecting our wildlife by disallowing sport hunting but no real conclusion has been reached. South Africa and Namibia both have trophy hunting and both have registered increased wildlife populations in the past thirty years. Kenya however has lost nearly 70% of its wildlife in the years since it banned game hunting. Coincidence? I think not

Yes you might say that hunhting is a despicable sport but thats before you look at the facts, ignorance is as they say, no defence. There are essentially three type sof hunting in Africa. on government concessions the government leases the hunting rights to an outfitter and ecieves money as well as the trophy fees from animals shot. On communal lands, local communities lease their hunting rights to an outfitter and the people and villages recieve the proceeds. private land hunting is the third type and so far the most common in Southern Africa. Large scale conversion of catlle and lifestock ranches to game ranches in the 70s (around the time kenya banned hunting) resulted in an increase of 80% of the countires wildlife population. South africa itslef has over 9000 game ranches with nearly 2 million wild animals. In fact south african private ranch owners are in somee circles credited with being singlehandedly responsible for bringing back the white rhino from extinction.

It all works on the basic principal that we…like…money

We like to use it to buy pretty shiny things like cars, diamonds, big tellys and phones that thinka faster than youor ex girlfriend on a good day. Keeping a private ranch allows you to make that mony via the hunting. thus your animals would be protected from le evil poachers because you have a stake in their well being. The same way any shepherd would go against a  wolf in the days of old just to save his flock. Without any real profit a rancher would just view the wildlife as a nuissance infringing on the profir he/she could be making. But if he could charge for those animals to be shot  he’d go out of his way to make sure there are…more and MORE! Aldo Leopold in fact predicted as far back as the 1930s in his essay Game Economics the surest way to save and enhance wildlife was to allow landowners to profit from protecting habitats and enhancing game populations. In fact our own country kenya is used constantly as an example on how the ban on hnuting has allowed the wildlife population to slowly decrease. Yeah sure, bitch about the one lion that got shot but consider that 8 more will be nurtured as a result. Always consider the greater good. This is even without considering the millions it earns local populatons. A study from ’06 estimated that game hunting generates gross revenues of 152 million Euros (thats about 16 billion kes not just pocket money eh) from18 500 visiting safari hunters. and thats just datafrom 5 countires Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe. \par
Give mee a gun and Ill shoot down four lions and sehjui sixteen rhinos if that means that more will crop up.  In my opinionany animal shot down as a result of sport hunting is an appropriate sacrifice forr their species. Nuff said.

TTYL world

Some consider Romeo and juliet a romance…that is if you consider 2 underage kids  in a relationship that lasted 3 days causing 2 suicides and 3 murders romantic.

Again sorry about any typos, this was typed in a rush, I’ve to go have a cookie!


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  1. There is nothing that better the long-term success of a species than if hunters and anglers take an interest in it. Sportsmen are able to bring the combination of money and political will to bear that ensure for the protections animals needs. Take them out of the picture, and what we get again and again is directionless policy and land being sold right out from beneath the very species people claim they wish to protect.

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