Proper Use of Nudity in My Opinion.


Last year a picture was put up by a male model and it brought to mind something thats been bothering me for a while now. It was a nude which I feel had absolutely no value whatsoever aside from, of course, causing a stir and getting attention. See my issue isn’t with the nude itself because it IS his body and he’s free to do whatever he wants to with it no matter how vile our society might deem it. My issue is that it had nothing to do with anything . It wasnt porn, it wasnt art, it wasnt in the name of getting awareness it was just MEH.

The human body, at least in my opinion, is the epitome of art, looking at a painting sometimes can’t compare to that sharp intake of breath, or the flutter of your heart when you first see the love of your life naked. That some people don’t respect it enough to use this awe inspiring medium of expression the right way just bothers me like a hard to reach itch.

The concept for the picture was borrowed stolen from Adam Levine’s nude series of shots in Cosmo UK to raise awareness for Everyman, a campaign for testicular and prostate cancer. Two easily forgotten cancers that need every single bit of media they can get. To help achieve that, Levine used the image of his near naked body to grab the eyes of the world. Proper use of nudity in my

I’m not sure if many have heard this story because of course the Kenyan media has much better stuff to do (Vera’s weave is worth how much again?). 19 year old Amina Taylor Tunisian native was arrested for two pictures she put up on Facebook. She was topless in both and Tunisia being a Muslim nation didn’t take this too lightly. In one, she looks straight at the camera, her middle fingers up, with the words “Fuck Your Morals” painted across her bare chest, the black “O” of “morals” not quite closing over her navel. In the other, she is wearing eyeliner, or maybe kohl, and bright lipstick, her mouthcompressed into a tight frown. Between a book in her right hand and a cigarette in her left, scrawled down her chest in four lines are the Arabic words ”My body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honor (New Yorker)


It’s quite easy to see what she was trying to achieve, as the founder of the Tunis chapter of FEMEN the feminist group that uses nudity to campaign against ills pushed on women by religion, government and criminal organisations. Her actions were considered so severe that religious leaders called for her to be stoned or at least receive 800 lashes. Her actions brought to light and to the eyes of the world the consequences of standing up for your right to own your own body in some Muslim nations. Proper use of nudity in my opinion.

In late March, Tyler told Italian journalist Federica Tourn that she believed she would be beaten or raped if Tunisian police tracked her down. She claimed that “nothing they could do would be worse than what already happens here to women, the way women are forced to liveevery day. Ever since we are small they tell us to be calm, to behave well, to dress a certain way, everything to find a husband. We must also study to be able tomarry, because young guys today want a woman who works.” But women, she said,are ready for change: We “have reached the height of self-determination: we no longer obey any authority, neither family nor religious. We know what we want and we make our own decisions.” (New Yorker )

A simple image or two can capture the eyes of thousands in minutes and open those of millions with time. Misusing it just time get a few likes I feel is…irresponsible.


TTYL world
Management is when ten people are paid for what five could do more cheaply if there were only three of them and two of those were off sick


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  1. Reblogged this on The Traveller and commented:
    Such a beautiful post. Been nodding my head with every sentence.
    Just don’t be naked, be naked with a good enough reason. Our body is art 🙂

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