Sometimes when I put the titles on these things I honestly know Im twisted. Anyway last night on a discussion group I frequent (FIKA) we debated the pros and cons of neo natal and pre adulthood circumcision. I just asked my mum aand she says I was ‘cut’ when three days old and thank the gods for that. Id hate to have to make that decision for myself as an adult, assaulted by all these pro cutting and anti cutting arguments and Im not sure Id be able to get used to it being different (because let’s face it pro cutting does make more sense.). Or if Id appreciate it being forced on me by adults who have tradition so ingrained in their minds that they would honestly lie to a class 8 student that he has now become a man after circumcision, lol the audacity.
That aside the argument was centred on whether a parent has the right to make that decision for their kid.

– ‘Permanent genetical cosmetic surgery’ that’s what the anti cutters call it when someone says that it’s because the circumcised penis looks better…eish. It does have some truth to it though. Although I wouldnt have much knowledge of this personally (last time I saw an uncircumsised penis was class 2 at the urinals when shame was this word that Miss Ireri used to have us spell during vocabulary) But in all the porn Ive seen and from the argument we had at FIKA it does seem that women prefer men who’ve been cut. Although…we do live in a pro cutting culture so she would probably be unused to the uncut penis. A european person would probably say that a circumsised penis looks weird so…yeah. Kinda cancels that one out.

-‘Male genital mutilation’..whoa. Now that one came up when people started talking about smegma (discharge) from under the forsekin (this i found out about last night, apparently it’s cheese like). The pro cutters say that its nasty and unhygenic and disgusting but the anti cutters replied that if discharge is the issue then FGM should be reinstated and dagetari should chase down little girls with a scalpel.

Anyway you get the gist of the argument, there are pros and there are cons to circumcision but despite that do we make the decision. Do parents have the right to authorize an irreversible medical procedure? Years from now will we look back as our grandparents look back at FGM and think “oops, we kinda screwed up with that one eh?”.
Personally I know my son will get the cut same as I did, three days after birth but that’s because Ive read about it and I feel I know enough to make this decision. Gone are the days of brainwashing him into thinking that a traumatic experience in his early teens will turn him into a man (barbarism really) and I wouldnt want him growing up used to one thing then having to change it as an adult. Before you make the same decision do your research and I dont mean just google it. Some of the results you get will be like which is actually an anti cutting site lol or also an anticutting site. Read medical journal and resources like webmd, the WHO reports and the CDC reports so you know exactly what it is you are about to have the doctor do, to you or to your son.

TTYL world

Snip cut or not to cut. Your son’s penis and you.


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  1. A lot of women say that they wouldn’t give a man head if he’s uncut. ‘Unhygennic’ they call it. And I’m thinking…for fucks sakes, how much easier is it keep foreskin clean than a vagina? I think they get comfort in the fact that since they have to go through the pains of child birth and regular menstruation, men should suffer a bit as well.
    I’m anti-snip, just to be clear, for the same reason I wouldn’t dock my Rottweiler’s tail. It’s barbaric and pointless. And Circumcision desensitises the penis head. If the foreskin stayed, we’d be having better sex!

    • Ive heard the argument about desensitizing the penis because of the snip but the counter argument is that the less sensitive penis is core in longer lasting sex and delayed orgasm. According to surveys and research women have a more satisfying sex life with cut guys. But then again that research is relative considering that said women would have to do a lot of regular sleeping around to reach that conclusion…

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