Ive seen online that everyone’s excited for the Uruguayan marijuana smokers because their government has passed legislation that makes consumption, cultivation and possession of marijuana legal. Also like I mentioned in a post yesterday there’s a bunch of groups on facebook run by Kenyans calling for the legalization of weed here in Kenya, I’m assuming you think that weed being legal here as well will be a good thing right? Well you’re wrong. Ill use Uruguay’s policy and apply it to here in Kenya.
In Uruguay the policy only applies to adults of Uruguayan origin who are above 18 and are on a registred database. Ha ha ha like thats ever going to work…Honestly how many of you were buying beers, clubbing and smoking before you hit 18. All the law does is restrict its sale and make it more attractive to younger people.
“See that stuff you can smoke it when you turn 18 young man”
sure because kids have been known for their great amount of patience! Names on a database? Im not sure that Id want my government knowing that Im a habitual drug user especially when they’ve claimed that the policy is merely an experiment and could be scrapped at a moments notice. So wait…if the policy fails Ill still be on the database an they’ll still know that I grow and buy marijuana? Can someone say government raids?
Another aspect of the policy is that sale and production are government regulated i.e KEBS would be in charge of it and corporate entities would be able to cash in on this. This means the production of course would increase meaning that of course more weed would be available but like with anything else quantity does not necessarily mean quality. Your local dealer/grower probably has ten/fifteen mature bushes that he cares for lovingly because he knows if they die he’s screwed.
Now picture British American Tobacco with a giant 90 hectare plantation of weed with fertilizer and all sorts of chemicals going into your so called “all natural herb.” Legalizing marijuana will make it just like tobacco. Profit driven corporate monsters will bulldoze over your kalocal dealer and you’d have to buy at pharmacies regulated by the government who btw also regulate how much you can buy on a monthly basis. Not ati you can go there buy a stone and think you’ll be back in a week for another. Its regulated at about 40 grammes a month which is about 80 joints…really really slim ones though. Thats assuming 2 blunts per gramme. Also one can grow up to 480 grammes per year in their house.
See I personally dont smoke weed but i know for a fact that my friends who do go through more than forty grammes a month. In fact on average I’d say its closer to nearly 250 grammes.
So in conclusion if the Uruguayan policy was used here in kenya you as a weed smoker would
1. Be on a government database monitoring your use of a recreational drug that will be on your record.
2. Subject to the whims of a government and corporate producer of marijuana who have no idea who the end user is but merely want to maximise on production and profit.
3. Stuck to a limited amount of said drug and strictly monitored for any irregularities (i.e how do they know you only grow 480 grammes a year? They’re checking up on you)
4. Also morally speaking more kids would start smoking up and they’d be as irritating as the 16 year olds you find yourself jostling with for space in the clubs.

So lets keep weed illegal and let the Uruguayans suffer their “new found freedom to smoke” :p

TTYL world

during a particular great acid trip i was driving to a friends when a unicorn pulled me over.
“Have you taken any illegal substances sir?”
“oh look a talking unicorn!”
“sir, please step out of the vehicle.”
anyway Im not sure how I ended up in jail but the unicorn sure wasnt easy to climb ontop of and ride.

Legalize it? I think not. Why legal marijiuana would be bad for weed smokers.


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