-Raila Odinga “If found homosexuals should be arrested and taken to the relevant authorities” (he further stated that there was no need for same sex relationships since there are more women than men in Kenya.)
Do you have a gay friend? I bet you do. I have tonnes of gay friends…like 10 out of the closet and four who trust me enough to have come out to me but arent ready to face the big bad world of bigots that we live. Or is it the big bad country of bigots we live in. Because statistically Kenya is a country of bigots. Oh yeah you’re all nice and LGBT rights on facebook and twitter but during a confidential survey by 96% of Kenyans didnt think that gay people should be accepted as members of our society and out of the gay people who’d ‘come out’ to friends and family 89% admitted that they had been disowned by their flesh and blood. So does it shock you that those four have to seek someone out they trust merely so that they feel like they’ve told someone who at least knows that the life he/she lives is an absolute lie.
Did you know that according to the penal code Section 162 under the title Unnatural Offences any men engaging in same sex acts or attempting to do the same get 14 years and 7 years in jail respectively. This of course has been challenged by the UNHCR but Kenya’s government responded that due to public outcry when they tried to overturn the law they cant change it until such a time that ‘public opinion has changed.’ Yupp, our government wont stop the unlawful discrimination against a particular group becuase ITS NOT POPULAR. I say its unlawful because according to that ever so great document we keep throwing around (our constitution) in article 20 (any law violating human rights is null or sumn like that google it) and article 27 (the government shall not discriminate against anyone on any grounds). Therefore th penal code Section 162 is null therefore? Nope not until Kenyans stop being bigots and thats not likely to happen considering my first quote and the rest from other political and religous leaders.

-Sheikh Majid Obeid “gays are responsible for inflation and drought” (really dude? Gay people control the economy and weather? Tell me more about these magical gay people.)
– Sheikh Mohammed Khalifa Organising Secretary Council of Imams and Preachers ” we are asking Kenyans to shun business owned by these people and further show them open discrimination…they grossly abuse human rights of others and should not be accepted among the society” (this man probably wear Nazi pyjammas and keeps a picture of hitler in his wallet.)

-Julius Kalu bishop of The Anglican Church of Kenya “the movement to legalise same sex marriage in Kenya is a bigger threat to Christianity” (this guy later recanted after he was talked to by fellow bishops *see bosses in england*)
– Sheikh Ali Hussein and Bishop Lawrence Chai threatened violence and condemned the Kenya Medical Research Institutes Mtwapa clinic for counselling gay men with AIDS “We ask that the government shut it down with immediate effects or we will descend on its officials” (OMG Jesus and Allah must be so proud of you stopping those nasty doctors from saving lives applause to you you massive pricks!)

Can you imagine living like that, fearing discrimination and knowing that nearly your entire country doesnt approve of you. As they scream#WeAreOne you know they mean WeAreOne (except for those guys, those guys are gay.) and its not like they wake up one morning yawn and think “Hmmm im feeling a bit gay today, i guess from now on Im attracted to men/women”. Nope its not a choice and no its not because of how they were raised. Being gay is something youre born with and that being said its a natural thing! Unless…you think getting born is unnatural..then maybe your right.
Stop being a bigot and be a human being, next time Section 162 comes up for review STFU if you dont like it because essentially its got nothing to do with you if your not gay. Oh btw i say gay and not homosexual because apparently saying the latter implies that the relationship is purely physical and ignores the fact that they are in fact also emotionally(romantically) involved (<gayest sentence Ive ever written:p).

TTYL world. Typing on this phone gives my thumbs a cramp.

Why did the MP cross the road?
I dont know but he charged us 15000 in travel expenses.

#WeAreOne (except those guys, they’re gay) Bigotry in Kenya


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