Just One More Puff?

I smoke, it’s no secret, but admittedly not everyone would know that I’m among the millions of British American Tobaccos slaves in Kenya. Its really shocking that nicotine isn’t illegal in all it’s forms…including nicotine aids (yeah screw you nicotine patch). from ‘Sheesha/Hubbly get somecancer Bubbly’, snuff, chewing tobacco and that weird stuff that Indians put under their lips should be banned. I’m sure if getting my next fix isn’t as easy going downstairs to the kiosk Id have a much easier time getting this monkey off my back. But meh, who’re we kidding? At the rate our law enforcement is going there’s no point. Weed/MaryJane/Marijuana is illegal but how many will have had a doobie by this time tomorrow. On my facebook homepage right now I can at least 5 updates on marijuana use and two pages dedicated to legalizing it…and Im using facebook mobile.
Anyway I digress, back to my bane, le cancer sticks. There’s honestly nothing good that happens once you’re hooked. At first years back it was all “WooHoo headrush” but now its about getting rid of that stupid craving that seems to gnaw at my soul every few hours. Ive been trying to quit for ages and failing miserably, Mo even gave me a book on kicking the habit (I lost it and thus I await repurcussions :() but it helped in no way at all. Apparently my hindrance is that I haven’t got past stage 1. Wanting To Quit.
Well I think that’s pretty daft, not wanting to stop is the reason that I ,on a nearly hourly basis, suck on a burning rolled up piece of paper stuffed with dried tobocco leaves which with every single puff erodes away from my life because each is essentially filled mit poison. Yupp thats definitely the reason Im still addicted.
Oh and btw if you think there’s a group with a 12 step programme well yes there is. Yeah they all are the kind where the expect to pray the nicotine out of you, like accept you are powerless to Nicotine is step one but from then on you’ve nothing left to do and you just let the ‘higher power’ take over your recovery process for you. I think it essentially just means that we as humans are too stupid to do anything ourselves. There needs to be a logic based group that actually depends on human spirit. I would go to that because there’s safety in numbers. Anyone out there know one of those here in Kenya? Email me detail The internet is NOT helping at all 😦

Anyway TTYL world. Until later today

Bill Gates has announced that Microsoft is releasing free copies of Windows Office to female parents…
Word to your mother

Just One More Puff?


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