Ive seen our supreme leader His Excellency King of The GEMA tribe and kicker of Bensouda’s ass Uhuru Kenyatta get a lot of flak because of the Kenya @ 50 celebrations later this week. I wont say the people complaining are ungrateful whiny ninnies but just that they’re uninformed.
The Kenya @ 50 celebratuons start Midnight Dec 11th 2013 and end 12 months later at the same time. That is the party will last an entire year. The celebration that takes three days this year is actually the launchpad for 8 projects (dubbed legacy projects). So all that money you’ve been whining about the 2.5billion kes from Bob Callmemore and his cronies at the cult of equity (plus other corporate sponsors) will all go to these projects while a nominal amount will go to the party. Still following? Good. The money from the Aga Khan Development fund will go to refurbishing our now decrepit City Park (which i honestly never knew we had) to the tune of 2.4 billion kes over 6 years.
The legacy projects (which so few of you seem to know about) are
1. Refurbishing Uhuru Gardens where fifty years ago Kenyatta Senior (Baba Muigai) raised our flag for the first time!

2. Expanding the Kenyatta National Hospitals paediatric wing so as to improve services with newer and better equupment.

3. Refurbishing Mathari Mental Hospital via injecting new staff, new equipment and more money for upkeep.

4. 50 million trees planted in a year towards meeting the U.N’s ‘348 million seedlings for minimum forest cover’ goal.

5. Refurbishing the Kenya National Theatre first used in 1965 and now just a sad place to go watch plays and musicals.

6. Scholarships for 50 needy kids across the country.

7. Establishing an entrepeneural (spelling) fund to wards boosting 50 small time start up firms.

8. Launching our medium term programmes for vision 2030.

See its now just about jets flying over the stadium and boring speeches from your mp/minister/governor/bartender/dad who may hve had too much to drink. Its about celebrating what we’ve achieved and starting the groundwork for achieving more. So stop whining about every single thing!

TTYL people.

Gravestone in Langata Cemetery: “Here lies a politician and an honest man”
Me: “I wonder if its legal to have both their bodies in the same grave”

Kenya @ 50 🙂 Its not just a party


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