Disclaimer: The contents of this blog post are merely for informative purposes. So dont be a dunce and try them out then go and tell NACADA ati Adam suggested them cause ill find you and pinch you. Kktenksbye!

Ever go for a walk or been cooking and wonderd what common everyday things can give you the trip of a lifetime? Well here’s a list of four things guranteed to scramble your brain cells.

*Magic Mushrooms/ Shrooms/ Psilocybe*
Its been thousands of years since people have been tripping on shrooms and we’ve seen them in movies but did you know the mushrooms responsible for the epic highs grow wild here in kenya. Google these four mushrooms native to our country and see if you’ve spotted them in your garden
-Panaelous Cinctilus
-Psilocybe Aquamarina
-Psilocybe Cubensus

The High
Shrooms distort reality and can cause hallucinations. Colours patterns, sounds, tastes basically your five senses go on a roadtrip to scenes from Hangover Pt 1 and your emotional state intensifies! Most people also report feeling closer to a higher power.

The Downside
Shrooms are amazing in that you cant die from taking them. The main risk is that you might pick the wrong ones and end up poisoning yourself! Also during the trip you may experience diziness, nausea, cramps, muscle weakness and numbness which wear off as the trip subsides. Some people also have bad trips so instead of 4-5 hours of WOOHOO you get a bad case of the “I think there’s a monster in my pocket and it wants to eat my soul!”

*Angels Trumpet/Datura/ Devil weed*
We used to have one of these outside the nurses office in primary school. Its hard to beleive that this innocent pretty plant is one of the most dangerous, poisonous and potentially best trip inducing drugs.

The High
Datura is a deliriate i.e it causes delirium which you should know if not gooooogle! Ive seen this poem often where delirium is mentioned especially on drugs forum
blind as a bat/
Mad as a hatter/
red as a beet/
hot as a hare/
dry as a bone/
the bowel and the bladder lose their tone/
the heart runs alone.
Basically you’ll hallucinate like a beast!

The Downside
Its too strong! Also there’s no way you can ever be sure you got the dose right and you always have to have a baby sitter with you when you take it. One kid in Ozzie chopped off his tongue and penis with garden shears during his trip. It also can cause convulsions, paralysis, permanent organ damage and death. My suggestion, only LOOK at the pretty flowers and move along.

Yupp that stuff next to the cinammon. Go on, go grab some, mummy wont notice… (dont, read on first)

The high.
Four to eight teaspoons will give you a mild case of the “OMG I can see a dragon humping a unicorn” and a warm fuzzy feeling in your extremities.

The Downside.
Dizziness, nausea, paranoia, difficulty peeing and according to cracked and my friend Roy a hangover that feels like God taking a dump on your soul. Also it takes 5-6 hours after consumption for the high to set in…yeah, so not worth it.

*Cough Syrup/DXM*
I know this may seem like old news but the cough syrup Ive seen most people buying is the one with Codeine and its in such minimal amounts you can only get a high after four bottles. You need to buy cough syrup (Actifed, Benylyn) with dextromethorphar in its ingredient list.

The High
DXM can cause euphoric trips like those from ecstasy at lower doses but the more you have the the trip get closer to the out of body experience from ketamine. Never heard of it? Again people…goooogle!

The downside
The only way you can get the best trios is to flash the entire bottle of cough syrup, throw up and wait for an hour. Yeah you read right, to get the good high you’ve to throw up first. Also this can potentially lead to death because there’s other ingredients in the syrup aside from DXM and if it stays in your body too long you might suffer from convulsions, seizures, muscle failure, comas and death. Thankfully one of these ingredients also causes vomotting (drug companies, clever they are! <yoda voice). Alternatively you could take a small sip every 10 minutes and black out before you get high properly lol.

All these except for the shrooms are potentially lethal so I guess thats why most people dont try them. Again if you do try any of them have a baby sitter on call to watch in case of adverse effects.

TTYL people

Man in bar, "When Im driving with the navigation on and I miss a turn the little gadget says "You missed a turn double back at the next roundabout" When I let my wife drive all it says is "Make peace with you God now" "

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