Sometimes I feel like I’m asking for too much you know? Like the past few posts asking people to open their eyes to some stuff we like to conveniently forget or things that we know are out there because we saw an article once or you saw a page sometime back. Its just seems that some things are just too big to be ignored but they do get ignored, sadly enough. One of these things is kids with cancer.
A long time crush (and full time professional at ignoring whatever advances I make towards her), Elizabeth and Mutave (mentioned multiple times earlier on this blog, i.e two years back?) just started an initiative called ‘Colour My World Kenya.’ they visit with kids at Kenyatta Hospital who have cancer and try brighten up their days with art to at least distract them from the harsh reality of their own mortality. Something no child should ever face or have to consider, their impending death.
I know that usually a lot of people would say that I’m being negative about it but at the rate cancer care is going a lot of these kids, 215 of them btw, will be dead by this time next year.
I wont go on a ‘tunaomba serikali’ campaign but I just think that asking them to at least take time of from political gang bangs to show up at an event held for these kids isn’t too much to ask. At the International Day for Childhood Cancer guess how many of our so called political bigwigs showed up to show support for the kids…come on guess. Nil/Zero/Zilch/Nada. No one even sent their driver with cookies or something. Granted it being a public hospital it is run/owned by our lovely and wonderful government (sarcasm) and at least they’ve made care cheaper and accessible. The death rate would be even worse if these kids had to go to Aga Khan or M P Shah where treatment is too expensive.
Here are some numbers I got from my research and why it irks me that I never knew this and until two days ago I honestly really didn’t give a rat’s ass cause I was all like “meh, they’re in hospital lots of people are in hospital so bugger it.”
-It costs 2000 kes for a week’s worth of radiation treatment at KNH and 45000 kes for the same at a private hospital.
-The survival rate for kids with cancer in the developed world is 75% but here in Kenya its at 20%. Which means 8 out of ten kids diagnosed will die.
-Ward 1E has 28 units (beds) for the kids who’s cancer has progressed whereas in the other wards kids sometimes have to share beds.
-A year’s stay at ward 1E can cost up to 1 million kes for one kid.
– The rate of kids getting cancer has increased by 200% but this is only from information from KNH doctors because no cancer registry exists for Kenya.
– In February 2012 the kids at ward 1E were given cameras and 10 months to capture happy moments they had in the ward. By the end of the ten months less than a quarter of them were alive to see the pictures go up on the walls.
– The Cancer bill was passed in 2012 and Anyang Nyong the then Minister for Health said more needed to be done about cancer in Kenya…yeah he sorta noticed cancer existed when he got diagnosed with it and was all like “Hey where did I put that cancer bill document thingie, now that I’ve got cancer I now acknowledge its existence! Go team survive the disease!”
– 28 000 people were diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and there were 26 000 cancer related deaths in 2012.
Now that I’m done regurgitating facts about it Ill just weigh in and say this. Get off your arse and write a letter to your governor, senator or mp or whatever politiker you want and ask them what happened to the 42 proposed screening centers that would be spread out around the country. There’s only 4 cancer screening facilities in Kenya now and they’re all in Nairobi and 3 are privately owned. I know there’s a lot of other diseases out there and there may not be enough money for all of them at once but at least one more would ease the burden put on Kenyatta’s facilities. 2 friggin billion on celebrating kenya @ 50 while there’s kids who wont get to see 10 because cancer doesn’t get votes apparently. +f you don’t want to write the letter because you don’t care about politics then at least go see the kids, play with them or just hang out with them and tell them stories. You’ve basically got nothing to lose and despite it not being as cool as going to see the kids at new life you may actually have fun. Google what cancer treatment is like so you can realize just how much these kids go through before they even hit their teens for periods that go up to 9 years even.
Here’s the link for Colour My World Kenya go to their page like it share it and donate time/love/toys/clothes/money. Anything. Also check out Keemo Kidz
And people the C word is not contraceptive its Cancer tell your favourite radio host to stop being a dumbass. Its the third leading cause of death in Kenya not what stops you from getting pregnant after a night of drunken sex.

TTYL world

‘The C word’ for Kids.


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  1. i am more than challenged!!! I’ll show up for the event..thanks Adam for this!! let’s rally people for this great cause…congratulations Liz! am glad i know this great heart!

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