I don’t know if any of you have done charity work, volunteered in an IDP camp or refugee camp or anything similar to that but what I can say about it all is that some people out there have it rough. Depression is rife in this country due to hardship and suffering but most of the time its chalked up to “just being sad.”
I’ve been thinking about suicide, not about killing myself, (I haven’t entertained such thoughts in forever and then it was merely out of curiosity) but about the mechanics behind failing at it. If you fail at attempted suicide your basically screwed. First of all if your killing yourself because you feel like a failure then you fail at that, its like you’ve hit rock bottom and started digging. After that it’s the stigma that will be placed upon you by everyone. People will either say “Oh my God I cant believe I didn’t see it, I’m so worried about her/him” or will go “tried to take the cowards way out instead of facing their problems.”
Like abortion suicide is a controversial issue that we seem to have shoved to the back of our heads until a friend or a friend of a friend shoves some pills down their throat ends up with rrrreeeaaaly bad stomach cramps, a date with a stomach pump and therapy then we realize oh crud it’s still real. It’s still out there. It’s not just that thing that happened to that girl one time on that show I watched that day.
Plus for the normal kawaida Kenyan failing at suicide has an even worse consequence, jail time! Which I find perfectly  hilarious! You tried to kill yourself because you hate your life well here spend some time in Kenyan jail and learn that life gets even worse for some people! I think that’s what they were trying to achieve.
According to the Penal Code chapter 63 “Any person attempting to kill himself is guilty of a misdemeanor”. Also under the list of Homicide crimes we have Murder, manslaughter,suicide, infanticide etc.

See the Kenyan government doesn’t view it as your life to end, no one gave you the  permission to kill yourself. Go to jail criminal, wait what? Mental healthcare? Too expensive! Our governments solution to the suicide thing is to scare us into doing it right or not attempting at all. If you do try to kill yourself you’d better succeed because if not (for the guys) your suicidal tendencies will be raped out of you for a period that might actually reach up to 10 years!
Whats really sad is that a finance ministers son killed himself last year so you’d figure the government would realize something is very wrong out there maybe we need programmes to tackle depression but what they’ve done is  nooothing in this regard apart from release statistics and say “this is very worrying” in a press statement before they go back to quibbling over who’s political base is bigger. I’m not saying I know what should be done but I honestly think this policy of “I freaking dare you to try it and fail” isn’t really a good thing. It’s like we live in a country of monkeys! Aaaall those constitutional lawyers and all those people who sat there and helped write this constitution were you on a ciggie break when they wrote this?
I’d love to know what you guys think about Kenyan law and its take on suicide. email, facebook or just slap it into the comment section

TTYL people, don’t go off killing yourself

sorry is sometimes the hardest word to say, unless you’re Kikuyu, then that word becomes squirrel

Ive been thinking about suicide


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