So I know we’re not supposed to talk about sex (oh nooo le sexy time is bad, don’t say the ‘s’ word till you’re married!), I know the parents especially those with daughters who read my blog are probably living in that bubble of ignorance known as ‘not my kid’. Well unfortunately it actually may be your kid out there having sex. Our generation screws around willy nilly! And in the most random of places, we all know at least one person or have seen some guy arrested for having a quickie in the car around Westlands (lol) or that guilty look when people of the opposite sex leave the same bathroom…or of the same sex ( it takes all types to build a country). The reality of the matter is we screw, a lot,  and seem to love it. Around campus  if I’m at a party I can basically tell that it’s what has occupied every guy’s mind around me. “I’m here to get drunk, get laid and go home.”

The worst part is, unless people in the circles I run in are keeping it a secret, no-one seems to be getting AIDS but everyone seems to be getting pregnant (or is that the best part, catch 22 isn’t it). See what I did there, I said pregnant i.e i specifically didn’t say that everyone seems to be having a baby. The amount of girls on your newsfeed annoying you with “omg two more months” status updates are barely a fraction of the conceptions that happen in this country every year. When faced with the ultimate decision of creating life or destroying it most girls of our generation pick the latter. Don’t get me wrong I’m not pro life in the strict sense, not at all. I’ve written at least three letters to the Daily Nation supporting the woman’s right to choose its just that it irks me that parents, peers and the public in general react negatively to a young girl having her baby before she’s 22 buuut what they don’t realize is that some girls (sometimes their own daughters) have ‘flushed’ their babies already. Its sad how the figures on how many abortions there are per year will be thrown out there at least every three months, we’ll look at them and go “oh my God so shocking” then skip on with our lives and condemn all these girls who chose to keep her babies.
What do you think a girls mother would rather hear
“Mum, I had an abortion!”
“Mum, I’m having a baby!”

Again I’m not condemning anyone who’s had, will have or in future will consider having an abortion, I’m just saying that we should not forget that girls are out there doing this and majority of them are below the age of 25. I’ve had multiple friends who’ve had them and they came out OK, at least for now. By OK I mean that they are yet to suffer depression, horrible nightmares on how they’ve committed murder and the like.
Also I know a lot of you are wondering why Im not touching on contraception. well that’s because its well known fact that if you don’t know about condoms or the e-pill you’re either quite daft and live at the bottom of  Lake Victoria with trout in stuffed in your ears (they have trout there right? Not just omena?) or you’ve purposefully chosen to ignore all the information there is out there. What there should be is a hotline on what to do when you get pregnant maybe with the Safaricom ‘mteja wa nambari’ robot lady doing the answering voice
“Did you just find out you’re pregnant? Well don’t lose your mind and stab that rat bastard who said he’d pull out, just go visit your OBGYN and confirm that you are. If you do decide to keep it well and good if not go to the Marie Stopes clinic to find out what course of action you should take. Thank you for calling WTF I’m Pregnant, to speak to a counselor press *”
Anyway my point is lets not forget that its out there and that it exists. Girls are suffering in silence because of the stigma attached to it the same way that stigma has marginalized a myriad of other things, aids, disability, homosexuality etc…So come on people let’s talk about abortion…

Let’s talk about abortion


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  1. We can’t talk about abortion without talking about sex. Until parents get comfortable with talking to their children about sex and not depending on school to do it….this issue and others related to sex e.g. STDs will continue to exist and maybe even get worse with up coming generations

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