So ive been struggling with the idea, had a lot of false starts but I finally I think Ive the framework for my book set up. A little sneak preview will be posted next week and im still tryna get a publisher interested but this is the one that im definitely sure will be published. Im not sure what genre I’d put it under but id say its more contemporary with a little bit of fantasy squeezed in. Also readers of the blog familliar with my raves, rants, rampant atheism, occasional bouts of wisdom and snippets of fun aimed at terrorists can expect the same from the book.
My experiences in life will also at times feature and despite the fact that Im young 🙂 Ive seen my fair share of epic isht and from the large group of people ive intervied for stories and experiences im sure itll be a fusion of some of the most poignant stories told by middle aged and young Africans.
I never really asked the older generation for their stories because i feel like we’ve all heard/read different versions of their stories before. Our generation expresses ourselves through blogs and music and i think it’s time the print media had a taste of it…something other than than Tony Mochama (super awesome author and i know im ambitious even to bother comparing myself to him.) My book isnt going to be about inspiring people or changing the mindset of people because no matter how many times Ive seen people try, its near impossible to change the mind of a twenty sumn year old once theyve made it up. If a lad has hated gay people since he was sixteen at 25 the twit will still be a bigot(and an idiot). My book is merely to inform. Anyway i’ll add more on it later so expect it.
TTYL world
oh and if she cheated on him to be with you, chances are she’s cheating on you to be with the next lad #factsoflife

On authoring (real word) n stuff


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  1. At any given time, either your girlfriend is cheating on you, you’re cheating on your girlfriend or the girl you’re hooking up with is a cheating girlfriend.
    Round and round you go

  2. Perhaps you could publish as an indie author if publishing houses give you too much trouble. Have a stand at a book fair or any big event, sell/market it yourself – could be beneficial in the long run should you get screwed over by a company.
    Just a thought…

    • actually want to use amazon/wattpad to do that at first. also kwani has this annual thing where they take manuscripts and award one novelist a book deal but i dont want to compete for my spot, though the free publicity is attractive

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