Well Ive voiced this opinion with the lads over a drink and now i figure i should rope it for the whole world to hear 🙂 ive been called insensitive and all that but you know bugger you. Like the title says “someone has to say it”.
This whole Westgate thing was tragedy and lives were lost and despite the deaths and how close to home it hit for some us i really think guys are overreacting. I mean… Come on guys, like three weeks bus 41 people died in one bus crash….ONE FRIGGIN BUS. And the furor i saw didn’t match that ive seen over this westgate thing. A three day siege resulted in loss of life but relatively speaking one bus should bother us more. Gunmen stormed a building and had automatic weapons and all that. The loss of life was a given but one friggin bus and we forgot about it in two days? Where’s the mpesa payroll nu,be for tan river, baragoi, wajir and the bus victims? Garissa is bombed like errrsingle day! But do we give a sh*t? Nah its like a by the way ka Tibet on news before we hear about how amazing it is that sonko managed to wipe his own ass today. Kenyans are such a fickle people and i blame the goddamn middle class. As in, get your priorities straight. If you’re going to give a sh*t then give a sh*t all the time not just when it happens where your favourite shopping outlet is. Im not saying that the lives lost are meaningless just that their lives were not more important than the lives of other people who died around the world.
Like i saw this last night “Linus kaikai cracked last night, oh no whats happening to our country?” ummm f*ck you very much because for your information people get cracked every single f*cking day and just because the guy is famous doesn’t mean our country is being invaded by holidays and thugs. Those f*ckers already live here. So again i say, if your going to give a sh*t give a sh*t all the time not just cause its cool and you’ll get alto of likes on your Facebook page. Also team one hundred guys at psys? Wth is wrong with you people attracting guys to the club with the tag line “celebrating the fallen” f*ck you for tryna make money off this . Again excuse the typos. Using my phone.

TTYL people
this rant is over

someone had to say it and i just f*ckin did


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  1. this is absolute truth . had it happened to ‘low class’ people in the society , the whole thing wouldn’t have filled our media space ! i can as well say the government is biased .

  2. I’ve been singing this since Sunday. And I honestly think that is the main reason why Al-whatstheirname decided to attack WESTGATE. They have been attacking Kenyans in Northern Kenya for the longest time but middle class Kenyans are way too busy shopping at Westgate to give a rats ass… now they have everyones attention. It’s a huge wake up call for the Kenyan middle class. Time to ask ourselves and our government HOW it is the very people we went to Somalia to fight can be in our home undetected. The government has been asleep on the job and the middle class have allowed it bc it hasn’t affected them at all.

  3. Unfortunately ciru sometimes strong language is required to pass on a message that is so obvious its frustrating. This is not merely my opinion but an expression of anger and distaste and thus distasteful language was employed

    • I have to agree with Adam here. Middle class Kenyans also have this “euphemism” problem where they want everything to be sugar coated or swept under the rug. It’s that mentality that had us being attacked on Saturday and that’s the mentality that has the government thinking that they can lie to us and call our deaths “insignificant”. We don’t ask questions, we sugar coat everything, we don’t wait for answers to the few questions we ask. Especially when we aren’t affected.

  4. you didn’t really have to put it down like that though..i mean it was horrible and of course people are gonna react what do you expect..but yeah i agree people should start paying attention to incidents that happen to common wananchi as well.

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