So recently i revealed that im not going to have sex for 8 months 🙂 this is month no.7 day 14 hr 8 but hey who’s counting 🙂 anyway what shocked me the most aside from the fact that actually pulled it off (yyyyyyeah buoy!!clap your hands for Mr Kiboi ) was the way everyone Id told reacted to it!
“omg why would you do that to yourself”
“howre you surviving without le sexy time”
and other such questions. Like oh wow does my decision to not indul5e in premarital sex shock you? Does a life without fornication really seem that terrible? Ha ha ha check your moral companies people im right to do this and i challenge all of you to try it. Also try the 30 day meat challenge. Which is thirty days without re meat or red meat products 🙂 yeah red meat products so you cant get sneaky and run around stuffing sausages saying you haven’t had any red meat. Basically what im saying is challenge yourself, you never know what you can achieve with your genitals and taste buds pushed. Anyway this post was mega random maybe later ill post something actually proper.
Ignore the typos im using my phone.
ttyl world

sex and red meat


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    • hahaha that’s what you would think its not just sex 😛 plus most of the “why the hell would you do that questions” are from girls just so you know…

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