Naija Boyz Review by Adam Kiboi


So years back i came across these guys the 9ja (Naija) Boys on you tube and they are probably the most hilarious parody group out of West Africa that we’ll understand. Well either them or the f’ockn boyz. So here’s a short review of the song as I saw em. watch and enjoy people. This is my kind of Naija music, bugger that Shocorrate City nonsense

Lollipop (Lil Wayne)

This song kills me every time i hear it. Its about how guys struggle when they’re in the states looking for proper African food. what kills me even more is that kenyan’s say Nigerian food is terrible si like what right do they have to to ‘Merica to bitch about food eh? Anyway here’s my favourite line

“American girls I tell am fast 
If you want to date 
Prepare to be embarrassed because 
I lick my fingers like a lollipop “

Black and yellow 🙂 (Whiz Khalifa)

Eeeeh de dark girls dey gon like dis one oh! the song is about the silliness that African men go through when you’re picking between the ka yellow yellow or dark chocolate sister. Hey you’ve been through this blog I think so…anyway Im not touching the skin colour thing though. Here’s my favourite line

The question remains which one to choose now

so i can pay her bride price

two cows!

Naija State of Mind

These Nigerians they love themselves. The song came out last year  on the day of Nigeria’s 50th anniversary same thing Kenya will go through this year, (hmm a song maybe Kenyan artists? Nothing too serious this time maybe, every single time you guys sing about Kenya its like we’re the land og=f the post election violence survivors TCHT) Here’s what i consider my right proper line in the song

The real crime we do buddy
Is speaking in fake American accents
Not the regular kind
We overlook that
We’re talking about the accents some girls overdo
As though they are better than you…fake girls


Put a ring on it (Beyonce)

This is basically just a short clip with mega hilarious lyrics but what i really loved about it is how the video was done so it seems like the chaps were really there! here’s my little snippet of nonsense out of it.

If you want to find husband

and a make a good children

the kind wey turn to doctor after i ku ku beat them

Kiss Kiss (Chris Brown T-pain)

Remember that lesson in first year? or for the freshmen that class you’ll have this sem on culture shock. This is exactly what the video is about, the 9ja boys are fresh of the plane in ‘Merica and they’re tryna hunt down a very very very very fine American girl with hilarious results. Here’s my best bit (btw 419 is that ka scam where they tell Adam he’s won the lottery in Barbados)

I get pound sterling and US dollar

No 419 oh i get mohney  proper

Crank dat naija boy

I’m not even sure about what half the isht they say in this song is lol I just think the dance is freaking cool and Nigerians out there would love it

All to fresh up in dis OOOHHH
Watch me crank as I dey roll
Watch me crank dat Okocha 
Supa Eagles go
Supa Eagles go
Supa Eagles go
Supa Eagles go
Supa Eagles go

Fokn Bois Tenk God We’re not A Nigerians

This song is highly offensive to Nigerian people and my good friend favour Obasi Ike has plans to hunt down the Ghanaian group that sung it but meh Nigeria, you’re better than a LIBERIIIANS! This line makes me so effin happy!!

Always trying to show off, even when you eat
One soup, no vegetables, twelve different meat
Thank God we’re not a Nigerians (2X)

P.s- Next post will be a bunch of Nigerian memes I’m going to hunt down just for you…yes you may keep the adoration to yourselves


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