I’m bothered, i’m angry or rather I should rephrase that. I’m sexuall frustrated and being me im taking it out the best way i know how. By nagging on this blog.
Women women women! Anyone have a good link to the torrent for the movie what women want? Perhaps mel gibson can provide some insight into the frustrating world that is the womans brain! (That and some tips on antisemitism, now that kdf killed all the bad somalis we need a new people to bash on and the jews are lookin pretty smug right now)
But i digress, the whole courting thing is apparently an archaic waste of time. Being nice to a pretty girl is no longer the best way into her pants. In the past two days i’ve witnessed apalling things! All it takes is a little vodka and boom goes the dynamite she’s riding your baloney pony.
Note, it wasn even me doing the into the pants getting. Nooooooo Adam was actually the one who bought said vodka, said all the right pick up lines and told aaaaaal the right jokes. What i’m trying to say is i totally ingishad both girls box but even before i was ready know…swoop in for the kill another chap comes in (from wherever evil people come from and no it’s not somalia..racists) drops his pants and starts playing hide the hot dog (eventually ill run out of metaphors for sex…then you’ll be sorry).
I dont even know what to call such incorrigble acts, because its not exactly cock blocking..its more like stealing. If i buy a packet of crisps, open it and just before i can have a teeny tiny taste you grab it and wolf it down in its entirity(spelling?) that is THEFT and you should go to crisps stealing jail… Whats worse these shameless people didn even wait for me to leave the room before they started getting freaky and funky. Silly lads even had the gall to ask me for condoms!!! So yes I Adam Kiboi got screwed…and not in a good way.
TTYL world bitch for you later 😛

Sexuarey Fuhrastrates!!


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