The announcement may be here


And now for the announcement. Like I said, this is going to be big. Bigger than when alternating current finally came out and admitted to being bi. More revolutionary than when the advertising industry managed to get everyone excited about a group of people running around wearing advertisements for 90 minutes.

Advertisement Legend

Am i hyping this a bit too much? Of course i am. Writers as dishonest as me don’t get into major media houses (and considering how much they lie that’s saying something.) In fact, my level of dishonesty is so high i was rejected by the tabloids. Damn them and their high standard of honesty, so…im a blogger. That means i’m the kind of person who tells you i’ll make a great announcement and then (exactly a month later) tells you ive got jack squat.

Ha! You believed me didn’t you?  Didn’t i just tell you im a despicable liar.

Lies within lies within lies. Inception lies.

But now, back to the matter at hand.  My announcement. Tomorrow, as you people all fall to that naked baby Robin Hood wannabe’s schemes and the rest of you watch enviously from the sidelines, i will post an interview.  As some of you may know, Samsung was hosting “Zikistar” a talent search around the country. I got to interview the winner, Lyra Aoko. A talented singer and a fine addition to the new wave of kenyan music.

Lyra Aoko

You can see her Single with wyre here:

– Gachagua


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