facts about campus that if you read you’ll get laid tonight

facts about campus that if you read you’ll get laid tonight

No you wont really get laid because you read this but the more shallow readers need some motivation..you know them..the ones who open the emails that say “Read this and learn how to grow your penis by 10 inches”. Anyway here’s the facts on campus  ->

1: doesn matter what time that class starts if it’s the first one of the day, you’ll sleep in it anyway
2: students in uni also do dumb isht in class, spitballs (monday 23rd) or paper jets (Wednesday 25th).
3: Every clock in the building was set so that you could be late for class. If  the clock says it’s 10:30 then know it’s 11 and you are late for     your economics class
4: It doesn matter what you got in KCPE, KCSE or your IGCSE’s because as soon as you finished that uni application form you became as dumb as the people who work at ghetto radio and are proud of it.
5: It’s quite possible to know EVERYTHING about a particular unit/subject and completely fail the exam/test/CAT/RAT/quiz
6: It’s quite possible to know JACK SHIT about a particular unit/subject and totally pass the exam/test/CAT/RAT/quiz
7: punctuality is relative to the age of the student and the bile the lecturer bathed in in the morning. Sometimes you can show up ten minutes late and get the “where were you ” speech, or you can get the signal for “Just sit the f!ck down and shut up for the rest of the class”. Or if you’re a mature student you get the look from everyone in the room that says “hmm they probably had sumn better to do”
8: remember the way skipping a class in highschool was an adventure, now it’s just a kathing you do when it’s too cold or too hot to walk outside.
9: if you never been drunk…you will.
10: if you’ve never smoked..prepare yourself for a new habit
11: if you went to campus as a virgin.. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A NEW HABIT
12: if you aren doing any of the last three things in uni you never will…unless you go back to uni again.
13: Psychology is in fact Biology
14: Biology is actually Chemistry
15: Chemistry is in fact Physics
16: physics is actually Math
17: So really all those years in highschool don’t count for sh!t
18: The ability to sleep anywhere is in all of us! Floors classrooms nani’s room, that kaugly girls bed..ANYWHERE
19: you learn the most stuff outside class. (Especially if it’s mucene!)
20: when you finish school you’ll realize that uni was the best time of your life because working just..sucks.
21: going home to mum’s house for dinner is just the best. Clothes washed for you, food is free aaand somehow you get money.

p.s- this post is not entirely original, i’ve seen sumn of the same theme earlier this year.
p.s.s- hi Neema Kwena 😉 how are yah?
p.s.s.s- I think my girlfriend is jealous of Miley and Selena. (because she knows if she leaves me i’ll end up with one of them)
p.s.s.s.s- that last post script was put there to get her to finally comment on my blog 🙂

aand now here are some meme’s to keep you giggling

Jesus love you (i think)

angie look this is me telling other girls to bug off


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