A Great Announcement


Greetings readers. Before you get your hopes up, this is not the daily/weekly/monthly dose of madness you’ve no doubt come to expect from this blog. This isn’t even Adam writing. I’m willing to bet he’s reading this somewhere dropping his cigarette and yelling, “That bastard”! Yes Adam, I (Gachagua) have (once again) infiltrated your blog. Why you ask? Two reasons.

  1. To remind you that you STILL owe me money.
  2. There’s something your readers must know, so…on with it

Once again, greetings readers. Seeing as you’re alive and reading this you made it through 2011. So I’m going to guess you’re not enemies of the United States.

Get it?

Like I said, I have something important to tell you- but I’m not telling you today. This is just the warning shot. This is Martin Luther King the night before his “I have a dream” speech saying, “im off to bed now, let’s see how this turns out.” This is me announcing that ill make an announcement, sometime, some day in the future on this blog. A pre-announcement

Its going to be huge! Bigger than the super announcement on New years day…you don’t know what im talking about? Of course, you were all recovering from your hangovers. Ill repeat it here.

Just like him to give presents on his own birthday

Yes, bigger than learning Jesus is Santa! (Aside: it is now acceptable to curse in Santa’s name). So look out people. You don’t want to miss it. Over and out



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