girlfriend application form. (downloadable)

girlfriend application form. (downloadable)


I finally got round to actually putting up the application form that i was sending out like two months ago. (if you follow the blog you might remember that post, then again if you follow this blog you’re probably on more drugs than…most people)so i figure if you click the link it’ll download to whatever you’re using to browse unless you’re on symbian S40 (lookit all your faces going “huwhatdidhejuzsay?”). It features basic questions touching on oral sex, boob size, I.Q (im not saying dumb girls are easier but…hehehehe) and fcourse STD’s and all that.If you aren pretty dont even bother  downloading it..also if you get easily offended…then again what would you be doing on this blog if you were 😛

Download and fill it out ladies and the chaps can download it and edit out my name and send it out. promise i wont sue..(finger’s crossed)

APPLICATION TO BE ADAM KIBOI’S GIRLFRIEND<<—this is the link to click for the form btw. It’s a PDF so you need (blah blah blah blah) to read it.

I know at this bit you’ve come to expect random elements and additions about my new disney crush but jus not feeling up to it today so here’s a picture of a kitten and the inevitable spidey memes which will take me a while to get over. As in the old school spiderman was just creepy right?

ps: on the facebook i saw a post on how when she hits 18 willow smith might go all rihanna on us…how exciting is that?! too bad she’s not on disney *sigh*


p.s.s: also check out my penguins!!! was going to get fishies but they kept stalking my mouse and asking for more and more food so i stuck with baba pingu and his crowd..



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