Legally Fondled, Save the Boobs, Crappy kenyan music


 Is it me or all of a sudden is there alot more gospel music floating around nowadays? Actually not just gospel music but really sh*&^y gospel music. Like one where these daft Kenyans who i bet are all Kikuyus all push Nigerian accents for the entire song. Why the hell would you do that? It was bad enough when you had crap Jamaican accents but now we’re emulating the NIgerians? ‘Papa God Oh’?


I dont even know who’e worse, the people who sang the song, the fans who support them or the other so called ‘artistes’ who copy them. Seriously, I think we should stick with my idea of a gulag so we can lock such people away. These people and transexual men (Trannies i maintain that you are creepy and sub-human,nuff said). Well we shan’t (<~real word?) digress any further in that direction. People i will have mass murdered when i rule the world will probably come up in a future blog post. Back to Kenyan music, how come some of the videos look like they were shot in a crappy parking lot in shoddy parts of Langata? Oh maybe it’s because they WERE!!!  Such an established musician are you? Well then work better on the video. No wonder you don’t get airplay on MTV base or any of those international music channels (which i never ever watch btw). Anyway I’ll stop slamming you now, clearly there’s no saving you from stupidity. Atleast try a montage like Namlesses’ video but don’t push it too hard, the song and the video sound like one of those Supersport promo-adverts hehehe.

If you’re wondering what the title has to do with anything well it’s nothing to do with my failed love/sex life (pk maybe slightly). Legally Fondled refers to mammograms;  I’ve spent the entire week looking for  “Breast cancer Awareness and Screening”  events so that all of you can try find one near you and go show your support for those people working hard to find a cure. Well here some facts about breast cancer in Kenya that I’ve learnt over the past week.

-Moi teaching and refferal Hospital gets 15 new breast cancer patients every month (scary figure right since that’s one hospital)

-More than 60% of those affected are under the age of 7o%

– There are only 12 mammography centers in Kenya’s major cities

– According to the WHO 2,454 women are diagnosed every year, 1,667 die 😦

-Despite the common myth that it has no descretion it actually affects more women from a higher social bracket.

-Upto sh 1million can be spent by a breast cancer patient from diagnosis to treatment

-Even as we remember those who we’ve lost to the fight, 40 % of cases can go into regression 🙂

-Men also get it (gasp)

So yeah that’s about as much as i can remember now but for the rest of the month I’ll be on this topic till someone prints me a super awesome tshirt 🙂 Check in the paper’s and stuff for events and charity walks so we can all join in and i wouldn mind a heads up if anyone found one…My mind tends to wander.

P.s- F%&k of the comment page if all you’re going to write is that cigarette smoking cause cancer, i think after all these years I’ve got that tidbit down eh? Scheewpidtfuhkas

P.P.s- Do KTN and NTV actually try to chase away viewers. I honestly think that NO-ONE in this country gives a s@#t about Indian Soaps. The fact that you ar getting a second season, people at KTN ,  just displays your ignorance and stupidity. NTV all your shows SUCK and censoring the word ‘kiss’ will not save the children of this country from growing up into pornstars.

P.P.P.s- Hi Njoki Kiiru

Now for a bunch of pictures with nothing at all to do with the post.

TTYL world



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