Cartoons we grew up with would be shite now…



X-men- A programme about post-op transexuals hosted by Wayne Rooney.

Power Rangers- A government watchdog program about saving energy.

GI JOE- The same but GI Joe has limited supplies and only fights where there’s oil.

Pinky and the Brain- They rule the UK as part of a coalition government.

Bugs Bunny- Bugs promptly gets myxomatosis and dies.

Thomas the Tank Engine- Thomas is never on time and frequently smells of piss.

Postman Pat- is replaced by a privatized mail firm and is currently on the dole.

Thundercats- Live in a special conservation area in Namibia guarded from poachers.

The Moomins- I have no idea, I never understood it in the first place.

Spongebob- Killed after the BP oil spill.

Dangermouse- Health and Safety rename to “Dan the mouse”.

Alvin and the chipmunks- Social services look into their situation as it isn’t right they live with a human man and masquerade as children.

Johnny Bravo- Arrested for rape and is jailed for life



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