This post has boobs and Camp Mulla you know you want to open it 8)


So I’ve killed an entire week and probably safaricom’s bandwidth on the interweb this week. In-between classes I hate attending and trying to get married/laid (same difference got none<~~TMI much?) anyway yeah so i spent hours online (drunk and sober) and i realised that despite our massive online presence as Kenyans most of you post alot of shite (not the muslim clan) in your blogs. So i figured I’d go out there leave a few comments you know like give my opinion. Wow, that was a bad idea, sometimes all the drivel that comes out my mouth or typed by my fingers actually comes back to haunt me. This time in the form of the revered ‘wordpress admin’ and an endless flow of emails insulting me for my lack of taste and class. Wow well I’m really sorry people of the internet I didn know that substandard political commentary and satire was that important to you. I apologize for insulting the tripe that you ,like idiots, subsribed to and for replying to your emails with

“ghetthefuhgoudahereyoustupidsuhmbicthidoitmaafakas” (<~~edited version, kiddies read ttyl now, cant have them running around cussin sayin they saw it on this blog)

and yes i know right now my blog is not exactly the wellspring of wisdom currently but shite atleast I’m honest about it right?

So anyway, arguing with idiots ,though a fave pasttime, was not all i did online. I checked camp mulla’s following online. I dont mean the youtube likes/views or whatever they’re called. I mean like what bloggers and whatnot were saying about them, and there’s a poll going round (i didn start it, honest<~~fingerscrossed) that they’ll be bigger than sauti soul. What? dont know who camp mulla is, umm..umm..



yeah, you have to see someone about your crippling information recession. Check em out here and i’m pretty sure somewhere on the page is a link to their music.

And their video was on MTV base!!as iiiiiiiiiiin how cool is that?? Like i can honestly walk around and say to people

“didju see my buddies on MTV last night? Jus kickin it in their music video?”

Fuhk you I know you must be jealoused  by that. I read in some article (not confirmed though, dont start telling people that i’ve given you the wrong mucene, nkt shameless ) that when they performed at the Chaguo La Teeniez Awards (<~~very shit thing btw) they were booed off stage because the music was too barbie <spelling?>. Betchu all those fuhkheads are eating their hearts out right bout now.

Taste that arssehewl? That’s the taste of you swallowing your words.

I could not put it in a more graphic way. Oh and btw i gave up on Hannah Montana and Selena Gomez. I think i was about three emails away from a restraining order and with Selena once you go beiber you dont go back.

So yeah I’m single and searching 😛 application forms to date me will be availed on request, just send me a basic cv. It should include

1. A  picture (a real one i can smell photoshop from a mile away and no dodgy sepia or black and white pics, this aint facebook eh!)

2. list of past boyfriend’s and or clandes (basically everyone you’ve slept with, for refferals)

3. List of any comics you may have read.

4. The answer to the question below

For gaming purposes would you prefer a wii, playstation 3, xbox 360 or PC?

5. A list of your fave house songs.

So send the above in to get AN APPLICATION FORM which you will then fill out and send back to me at which point i will blatantly reject you because you must be some kinda stupid to go through all that 😛 No men please btw haven decided to swing that way yet.

ps. It’s October Africa, support the boobies and change your proffy pic. Check out the mancans advert btw!!! Try to imagine a world in which the only boobs…are man boobs. This is the message of Man Cans 2011, a unique breast cancer awareness project whose mission is to get 20-something males involved with the breast health of the woman in their life and to encourage her to begin performing a monthly self-exam. The calendar shows a year’s worth of iconic boob moments in which men of all shapes and sizes are the models and includes funny scenarios such as flashing at Mardi Gras and a whipped cream bikini–all to drive the message: Guys, if you don’t get involved, these man boobs could be the only boobs left.

Imagine if this is all the boob we got at the poolsideGoing to Coast? save the boobs or this is all we have left for the volleyball games

So save the boobs and here are some updates so you can look cool and funny on twitter. Just like Adam Kiboi (yeah i love me deal with it :P) And despite my super amazingness no i didn come up with them but use em anyway to spread awareness!

Save the Boobies
Breast Holders UNITE!
will trade miles for tits
I like my tits the way they are… stop breast cancer now!
Show me no cancer
Will flash for chemo
Nudists against cancer
Even christian grads like boobies
Flashing for Miles!

We’re The Breast Team Ever

Hakuna Ma TaTa’s.

Mass Jiggling to Raise Awareness
Promoting Weapons against Mammary Destruction
Follow the Bouncing Breasts

“Nip(ple) Cancer in the Bud!”

Big orSmall save them all

TTYL people, tell your kids and their kids kids kids to read this blog it’s FUNDUCETIONAL:P>hehehe naughty joke

“Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just pleased…”



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