The world is judging


I don’t know if anyone noticed it but our entire lives are chronicled online? Or most of em. It’s not like when our parents grew up, all they had was a bunch of notes, letters and dusty albums but we’ve got entire gigabytes of data on us out there. Some day in the future you’ll be getting married and your new parents in law will just browse your facebook profile and see that one weekend in coast recorded in pictures and the comments will just add to our ruination
“dude that night was fuckin awesome!”
“i remember right after we took this pic you blacked out in the pool”
“can’t believe i didn get laid that night”

just some samples from my profile (that last one wasn me btw just to clarify…I DID NOT WRITE THAT. But i will neither confirm nor deny whether i got laid that night). The worst part is…most of that stuff represents the best part of our shortlived lives. You can’t delete them cause should you die you don’t want to be remembered by pictures of graduations and baby christenings only. I also want a few house parties out there, pictures with my tongue sticking out bottle of vodka in hand and soon to be forgotten beautiful girl on my arm. Now that’s the good stuff, die a young legend or die a respectable old man.

I’m watching californication now and i just have to put this convo up
“f@#k me like alqaeda”
“don’t worry i’m declaring jihad on your pussy”
is that just cheap porno talk or is it just me, i have no idea why i love this show and no it doesn remind me of ANYONE I KNOW. Somewhere there’s a douche out there who thought something close to that.
Anyway wallposts, status updates, tweets, twitpics all that shit’s just out there for the world to view, download and show to the rest of the world that doesn have it. Facebook fights where you gossip about who got pregnant who had an abortion or who’s getting who into bed will just be revealed later in life…I think. Or maybe i should just quit worrying. Facebook will die like hi5 did right? Right? I mean hi5 lasted 2 years and facebook’s been here…Yupp we’re doomed. So get back on facebook and start deleting if your worried. Ttyl world, go out there and judge the hell out of other peoples profiles.
P.s Especially that future wife/girlfriend of yours. Check and see if it’s a bad idea to commit yourself, that coke habit she’s hiding is somewhere out there on the web #imjustsaying
p.p.s – if you were wondering no gamma has not agreed to marry me…yet
p.p.p.s – but the ex is around, so maybe i can fix past mistakes, rekindle the flame…And hide the facebook pictures
p.p.p.p.s – wouldn milf island be the coolest version of survivor ever?
p.p.p.p.p.s – is this really a postscript?


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