murderer next door…teren teren


So i’m walking through the estate and i hear a not familiar voice
“ey! Sema adam”
so i turn around and i see a familiar face that i haven seen in about ten years
“it’s been a while since i…went away”
“Went away? WENT AWAY?” I was standing there thinking “WHEN THE HELL DID THEY LET HIM OUT”
As in i’m in the middle of the neighbourhood looking at a convicted murderer (with kids running around playing with tiny soccer balls, riding bicycles and whatever the child types do). How do you handle a situation like that eh? I’d been looking at this guy for two minutes now awkward silence prevailing of-course. So i did the most intelligent thing i could think of. I ran like a little girl into the house and locked the door.
Seriously what kind of world do we live in where people like him are just walking around scaring the living daylights out of selfimportant people like me. As in the apparent bestiality in cow and chicken already ruined my childhood then when i’m 9 i hear the neighbour went to jail for murder. Do you know how traumatic that is? The guy used to give me sweets…Ok that was before his addiction to crystal meth and whatever loser drugs he was/is on. I don’t even know how he managed to keep the same house when he got out, i think the government should just confiscate convicted murderers property when they jail them. To protect people like me from scarring events such as today’s. Seriously, now i have no idea how i’ll get to the shops to buy cigs….The hooooooorror!
TTYL world


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