kiss tv go away


So shit tv (or kiss tv as the masses know it) i’ve no idea how it manages to stay on air. Despite the fact that the whole tv station is owned by a shit radio station that can’t even come up with a good playlist i atleast expected the tv station to have something worth watching. All we get is DNG waving his hands around on a show noone bothers to vote for, james kiama’s crappy dreadlocks and ruhilla’s constantly increasing weight as she prowls youtube for videos to pass of as news. Before it merged with that shit for brains station (classic tv) atleast we were spared the horrible nigerian shows. Now we’re forced to see snippets of nigerian movies and shit tanzanian soaps. As in have you ever tried watching that tanzanian tripe? Seriously i don’t thik ANYONE IN THE COUNTRY WITH A THREAD OF SELF RESPECT would subject themselves to that shit. Sadly enough they try redeem themselves with music shows, but unfortunately the music is subject to the whims of the stations producers who have crap sense, switching from genre to genre with no consideration. One minute it’s lil wayne then two minutes later your listening to lingala. Fuckin idiots have no inkling of what they’re doing. On saturday morning( when i wasnt recovering from the throes of a wild friday night) i was channel surfing through the saturday morning cartoons and i happened to land on kiss tv…Wow…As in their cartoons are like those shit music videos done at shangtao (btw if you’re famous and you have a video from shang tao, kick yourself in the balls…Hard). Anyway that’s not all i have to say on kiss/shit tv but i figure you’ve heard enough of my ranting so i’ll grace you with a more light hearted post in a few minutes
TTYL world


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