cow and chicken (what cartoon network won’t tell you)


How on earth does Dad from cow and chicken sleep next to Mum at night. He’s got to be delusional! Even in the theme song
“mama had a chicken, mama had a cow. Dad was proud, he didn care how”
Well i’ll tell you how! All i need to do is change the words a bit
“mama fucked a chicken, mama fucked a cow, it was loud then she got round”
See now the cartoon makes sense 🙂 and what’s with the red guy. Seriously, what’s his deal? He runs around without his pants just showing the world how tiny his penis is, as in it’s so small you can’t even see it…Or is he actually not the red guy but the red girl. He might actually be female…he has the figure for it…no homo though.
Speaking of homos…Flem and earl are totally gay for each other. They live together and flem wears lipstick so he’s totally the female in the relationship, you know…The one who gets shafted he he he. Finally did you realize that chicken is in the same class as cow. I did some research and found out cow years are longer than chicken years so technically chicken is about twenty years older than cow. Wow that’s one dumb bird to get held back twenty fuhken years. Seriously cow and chicken live a hard life.
Their father is indifferent to their mother’s frequent one night stands with farm animals (without protection), they’re stalked by a naked man who may or may not be a woman pending investigations as per the presence of genitals of either gender, they’re bestfriends are delinquent homosexual life partners who live together despite the fact that they are about ten years old and chicken will probably be dead about fifty years before his parents while his sister cow might end up at the animal brothel where her mum probably conceived her. And here you thought your life was hard.
TTYL world
oh and what the fuck kind of a rapper name is chipmunk? Did alvin,beiber and the other squeaky musicians ditch him?
And isn miley cyrus just sexy 🙂 wait it’s legal to say that right? She’s 18…right?
Ok now for real ttyl


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  1. Hahahaha Adam I swear you are absolutely mental!! But I love it:) lol funniest, and witiest blog! Bookmark, please &thank you!

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