TV i hate to love you


So i’ve been stuck home for like four or something days with a blood infection (and no allan it’s not from something i f*§ked) and a lung thing (not from smoking) and i’ve been the victim of public television’s broadcasting. Hours and hours of shit programming designed to make you want to get off your ass and get a life. But somehow they manage to keep you glued to the idiot box. As in i’ve been on this sofa like four days, not counting a brief stint on friday night at blix that i can’t remember…At all. But after that night guess where i woke up, back on the couch. Clearly these ‘television channels’ have some grasp of a fundamental truth that has completely evaded me. So now i plan on dissecting each and every channel over the next few weeks. Beginning with KTN
So the brain child of the standard media group is probably run by an idiot or something. Or maybe their programme manager or whatever is a complete dunce. He/she has to be completely clueless if they’re actually proud to advertise that they’re going to have nigerian movies everymorning of the school holiday. Kids all over kenya must be uber excited!! Every other channel has cartoons or some sappy disney movie but KTN has the guts to have a nigerian movie. But no worries they switched it up (maybe they got my enails?). Now they’re screening a rerun of a tella novella from 5 years ago? Back due to public demand? You liars, i doubt all the maids in kenya could send more emails asking for shit shows to come back than i do asking for shit shows to disappear!!! Fuhkin twats. Change your line up ktn or i’ll be forced to fill you email folders with more drivel from someone with a higher i.q than your channels frequency (51 btw)
TTYL World, tomorrow i slam kiss tv or shit tv as i like to call it 😛


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