Extra Time


So last week in daystar i had a CAT (not like a kitty cat but like a test) so the professor for this particular class is a real hard ass. As in he treats every paper like it’s the finals for med school.
Anyone caught scribbling after he’d said ‘pen’s down’ would automatically fail, regardless off how stellar the papers contents were.
So back to my story. On monday i heard that inevitable ‘pens down’ right when i was in the middle of a system design chart, but one guy right behind me kept on writing.
With a flagrant disregard for the university regulations he scrawled for a further ten minutes before finishing his paper with a giant ass grin on his face. (i know this cause like half the class was standing at the door waiting for him to get chewed out by the professor.)
The professor was pissed as hell and informed the student that he had failed the exam.
“Do you know who I am?” protested the indignant scholar.
“No, “replied the professor “and quite frankly you could be the prime ministers son but you’ll still fail”
“excellent,” grinned the student as he slipped his paper into the middle of the stack of completed papers “good luck guessing my name if you want to fail me .” then the chap walks out with a smile on his face bigger than the cat in the hats.
And yes you guessed right, i walked into that classroom and snitched like my ass was on fire. No way in hell i’d fail alone. As in i was in the middle and this bugger had ten extra minutes. Buuuuuuuullshiiiiiiiit


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