coast episode 1. Pulling a lawi


How to pull a lawi.
Lawi’s my roommate and really good buddy but sometimes the booze gets to his head and he does rather daft things. Like passing out on the beach or forgetting who he’s dating (happens to me too). So pulling a lawi has this major crush on a bespectacled girl (probably into bondage btw). He’s been hitting on her for like God knows how long (clap for me christians i put a capital ‘g’)
~random insert that just happened right now~
Isaac :dude your shoes smell like a problem!
Lawi: that’s not the problem, the problem is that your sniffing them
Isaac drops shoe
~insert ends~
With no result, ok results ish because of spin the bottle and strip poker but those don’t count, seriously that’s cheating. Anyway ‘Pulling a Lawi’
1. is getting really drunk by the ocean.
2. Looking in the sky with a creepy ‘i want to fly to the moon and eat it cause it looks like cheese’ look in your eyes.
3. Picking up your phone, which you will later loose btw.
4. Try getting away from your friends so you can make a call.
5. Climb a palm tree to get away from said friends.
6. Fall off a palm tree and land next to your friends.
7. Dial your crush thinking your far far away from your friends ontop of a palm tree.
8. Tell your crush how much you love her and miss her.
9. Listen to her asking if your drunk.
10. Lie and say no.
11. Ignore adam holding a camera and pass out on the beach.
12. Have pictures taken of you having completely bared your heart to this girl who might feel nothing for you.
13. Wake up in the morning and deny deny deny deny.
14. Look at pictures.
15. Have all your crush’s friends call adam and ask what’s wrong with you.
16. Deny deny deny

This is the first in a series on our misadventures in coast. Other titles in this series include
‘how to skinny dip and loose your clothes’
‘passing out on rooftops without falling off’
‘getting daystar christian girls drunk’
‘chasing rally cars and the dangers of such foolishness’
‘how to drink mnazi and not pass out’
‘the junkies guide to north coast’
‘the dangers of mariguana and flying laptops’

Ttyl world will dash in later with the second post


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