my life as a criminal


You know how kids these days keep complaining about their lives? Well they’ve not lived as hard as i have. True story btw, my family is pretty messed up. I don’t really know who my father is and my stepdad never really liked me. Mum had an affair and got me and dad found out ofcourse. I’m shocked they stayed together. When i was a kid had to leave town cause some maniac was slaughtering kids. Freaking paedophiles make life so difficult. When i hit my 20s life didn change much you know. Getting wasted at some wedding’s one of my best memories sadly, booze was free but mum was there so had to relax on that vibe a bit. One time i actually got lost in the desert and nearly died out there. Started rolling with this crazy crew.Got a little kind of gang going on. Bit of a mix and match thing yanoo some fishermen a taxcollector and some other bugger. Don’t remember what he did a doctor or something. We chilled alot mainly just talking and stuff saying how we’d go ahead and overthrow the government. Then i started getting all suicidal and shit kept hearing voices in my head and stuff. Guess i was pissed and shit. So one day handed myself over to the guards and they didn just execute me. The put me on a big fuckin cross


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