The hay festival and other assorted bits


So alot of people out there have been asking what the Story Moja hay Festival is about. I always thought it’d be common knowledge and alll considering that it’s on ef the largest festival of performing arts in kenya. i.e a giant convention of poets,environmentalists,business leaders, playwrights, afro-fusion artistes, neo- soul geniuses and the bst writers our country has to offer plus some international acts too. Both the British Council and the American Embassy are deeply involved with the entire event. The brits actually facilitating the attendance of around 2000 primary school students and the americans sponsoring the storytelling competition which culminates this weekend at the hay festival and which some of my really good friends will be participating in (GO TEAM DAYSTAR ). Also another awesome friend of mine will be in attendance and all the beret wearing french cig smoking readers out there i always meet at kwani and probably know him. Yupp Pepe and most of the talented chaps from slam africa will also be there. Oh and btw Pepe, also in DAYSTAR. All this talent up for grabs so you know we’ll be there enmasse as a campus. Plus you know crooked Q does there bar and since i’ve got ahem experience with bars and bar attendance i’m hoping they place me incharge of that section since I AM volunteering there :):):) And no this year i never signed up for the poetry thing cause on campus we’re in the middle of pulling of two major productions this semester. One’s at phoenix (eat your heart out catholic uni) and the other will be here in campus or at alliance. One’s the nativity with slam africa’s best performing a few pieces backed up by Daystar Theatre Arts amazing actors and the other’s role play by Sibi Okumu. Amazing productions by amazing playwrites and no i’m not on stage. I’m incharge of something. Anyway TTYL world. Have a meeting and apparently we’re discussing how much we should charge you to come see our amazing productions. DON’T FORGET TO LOOK FOR ME AT THE HAYFESTIVAL. And no don’t check the bar! (check behind it lol)
It’s this weekend at the railway golf club and if you miss it you’ll be thoroughly disappointed. . .


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