oooooooooh LESBIANS


No this post has nothing to do with LESBIANS nor does it mention them it’s just another foray into the madness that’s no known as my doomed love life. Yes i said doomed 😦 now I’m in like with two different girls… WTF. First off i end up bothered by one girl and now brain and heart go behind my back grab my nuts and go HEY THERE HERE’S A SPANNER IN THE WORKS!! Two of em and now I’ve got no idea wtf I’m going to do. Come on internet people help Adam out…Clearly dating both is out of the question, picking one…even more difficult. Death save my soul, for doomed it is to wallow in confusion. Sometimes I’m in the same room with both(actually every Monday and Thursday)and it becomes the picture of AWKWARD. Standing between both of them, not knowing who to talk to…I ended up praying for a chicken to show up just so i can scream like a little girl and run off with my hands in the air screaming “save me, save meeeeeeeee!”
Cause right now mefinks i need saving. Soooo faithful readers.Help a bruh out, gimme some of that old time, good old, wonderful barely helpful advice. Cause with Lawi (roommate, best-friend, asshole) I’m getting nowhere in the advice bit..all he does is laugh and fall asleep singing the tune for deadman walking.
Anyway I’ve got lunch with one of them now but now I’ll just cancel, sit here and pray to Buddha that you’ll give me wunnerful advice. PRAISE JEEBUS AND APPLE JUICE
TTYL world, next time i blog i might be BACK single and whoring.


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  1. Do u chat a lot?kuna venye i can get u a free samsung chat phne?i sign u up?
    oh and th wmen jas let tym dcyde ul end up with 1 eventualy..til then..hohohoho,later dude

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