today is my free day so the entire day is dedicated to star wars. All in chronological order. So i’ve molded in the cartoons, comics, movies and books. Plus later we’re going to make a lightsaber later. Fluorescent bulb torch handle and loads of enthusiasm. NERDMODE. But next week is Lord Of The Rings. How to dress like a hobbit…#fail. How is the word hobbit not in t9. The finnish have failed yet again with this nokia contraption of theirs.
In other news apple has also failed me. This ipad contraption is useless kabisa. It’s like my ipod but with a big screen. Plus my friends keep laughing at me, i feel like a technoob walking around carrying an electronic book with… No books saved. maybe i should’ve bought a kindle. But the name just sounds LAAAAME. Not as lame as the ipad (tampons for robots) but lame all the same.
Btw need new sandwich recipes so…add em in the comments bit. You know, THE PLACE WHERE YOU PEOPLE NEVER WRITE!! Silly bananas will add sumn later but TTYL


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  1. bread1
    galitos seasoning
    roast chicken pieces
    whole heinz ketchup bottle
    white shirt as you eat it.
    Loyal tanzanian housegirl.

    Your welcome.

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