20 things you may or may not know about me


this is loads of weird stuff i’ve barely revealed to anyone but i trust you internet people…your like my bestest friends.  I can trust you? right? right? And don’t you dare judge me if you do God’ll send rabid ninja chickens to eat your ears <teren teren>

  1. I’m afraid of chickens and cows because i think they’ll take over the world. Plus they’ve got this creepy look in their eyes.
  2. I’ve got like 21 teddy bears and one of them is called sheila, I’ve had her for 17 years.
  3. I’m not biased despite the  hundreds of jokes i make about Islam…but i don’t like Somalis…they’re nasty smell funny and are…nasty (have i sad that already?)
  4. I sometimes cry at movies 🙂 like in lion king when Simba’s dad is killed by Scar *sniff*sniff*
  5. I laugh at all racist jokes because humor is humor no matter how offensive it is
  6. It’s been ages since i  was actually  in a real relationship
  7. I love sandwiches…like..a lot
  8. I’m not homophobic i just like making fun of gay people…who i don’t like. cuppatea your OK.
  9. I’ve fired a gun before but not on the rifle range…it’s scary when your not on the range
  10. I love to watch cartoons, loads and loads of em. i sometimes spend the whole day watching cartoons.
  11. I read around thirty novels a month..yes thirty
  12. I watch Lord of the Rings and ALL the Star Wars movies once every two months. sometimes twice
  13. I’m horrible at relationships…like super terrible at them
  14. I’m best friends with all my ex-girlfriends strangely enough..despite the statement in #13
  15. I’m a flirt…a constant flirt
  16. I’m not thaaaaat promiscuous, seriously most of that stuff about me is myth.
  17. Contrary to popular belief i can’t fly and I’m not a demi-God. that only happens on Tuesdays…like today
  18. There’s a difference between fat and plus sized. when i make fun of fat people i really mean the obese.
  19. I can chug down a litre of vodka and walk it off.  That is if the vodka doesn taste like shit, smirnoff maaaaay youuuu goooo burn
  20. I watch loads of horror movies..even the evil dead…. WAAAAAAAAAAAAATCH IT HIPPIEs!!!
  21. This post’s title was originally 100 things but…screw it I’m lazy
  22. I recently stopped cussin…yupp yupp bet you NEVER knew that
  23. Fuck. I lie sometimes
  24. remember the girl i was GahGah about in my last post…here she is in bed

    From the last post


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