Upcoming Blog/Site


Soon, i and some other bloggers/writers/poets/artists will be starting a website or communal blog (details coming soon) and so i decided to start the warning now. Some of the writers will include:

Cassandrae: see her blog here Me myself and Isis

RigathiKkev: See his blog here Cup Half Empty

Melchizedek Muya Maranga (real name, no jokes, 3 Ms)  who is to lazy to start a blog so see his article in the below post.

We need to name it and we’re all feeling way to lazy to actually pick a name so  we threw a bunch of names out there and decided to leave this monumental responsibility in your hands. If you do not we will regard it as an act of treason and banish you somewhere. This isnt democracy, theres no secret ballot, we know….yes, we know what you pick, so if you pick one just because “ha! thisll make them look stupid” we’re coming for you. *ominous music*

so, you can suggest your own if you are smarmy enough to believe you’re smarter than us. *cough cough*

so lets hear it. what do y0u want.


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