depressed an ugly…rewrite


I seem to be part of the “lost generation”; the generation of too much knowledge and of a lost cause. I say we blame our parents and grandparents for the environmental decay of our planet, for the decay in our morality and/or our addiction to consumerism. Blame them for all this shit: the famine in the world, the wars, our addiction to drugs and “the good life”, it’s all their fault. Why not?
I’m angry, helpless and hopeless. What the fuck!? Why am I here? And what the fuck am I suppose to do?
That was easy … now I am free of guilt and ready to go bannanas! “In support of Mummia Jammal, run up on you fucking pigs with the heaters and all” (I like that line from Jedi Mind Tricks). Most people can’t connect the dots. Why can’t everyone see the lies that the main stream media is throwing out?
I watch the news: people blowing up in Afghanistan, kids mutilated by bombs in Iraq, more kids starving all over Africa, Native Indians without potable water in Canada and yet even more kids sleeping underneath the Uhuru Highway bridge here in kenya. I wipe the tears of my face, clench my teeth and swear to do something about it then, I roll a “post” and try to drown my thoughts with it.
You see … our parents knew everything. They knew what do to. Their life was easy: they knew they had to get an education, a job then, a family and with that life was complete (so they thought); or they knew they had done their ‘duty’. With my generation it’s all different. We don’t know anything anymore because we know too much. We don’t have the sense of stability our parents had … we’re losing species of animals, we’re losing our air, our forests and with all that we’re losing our sense of purpose, our morallity, our beliefs … our mind too.
With the break-up of the a priori belief system comes the break-up of society as we know it. A Palestinian living in a camp in Syria, without a proper home and living for decades in deplorable conditions one day gets up, straps himself and blows up in an Israeli market. Is it so hard to understand why? We’re losing all remaining belief that a decent and honorable life is possible. The Somali pirates don’t hijack ships for the fun of it, they’re starving and without a government in that country for over ten years! It’s all chaos. I see all these people going and shopping at Wallmart and really what they are doing is enforcing child labour all over South-Asia the bloody imbecils. I hope they all choke on their food tonight. How can people buy things made by little children working sixteen hour days, seven days a week for twenty cents a fucking day. Why don’t all kids around the world have the same rights? Why the fuck would you support a system like that? In my opinion if you do … you’re not worth living because indirectly you are ruining the lives of others. It’s all garbage and it’s making me depressed and ugly

and put some bloody trackbacks in your posts you bananas! TTYL


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