I’m about to do something reckless and irresponsible (all serious like :|)


So here I’m sitting in the campus computer lab about switch my majors (yes again) but this time it’s going down a whole new path. From economics to writing…. So first tab’s got the page where I switch courses from and the second tab on the browser has Cassandrae’s(spelling) blog. She’s got a post with nearly the same title as this one and it’s about…how she switched from economics to writing… coincidence I think not.

I really admire her loads cause she’s out there with her magic powers stopping evil stupid people with horrid emails and even worse comments while I wander the African savannah (which the ground outside campus actually is btw no lie) heading to a pub to fry whatever remains of my once brilliant intellect with booze and lose my lungs to cigarettes which I’m now inexplicably addicted to. So since she’s mega awesome and has decided to follow her dream of doing a course in writing I’ve just finalised my decision to take the same course here at daystar and bugger the mother if she doesn like it…. or she could kill me whichever works for her lol. So maybe two/three years from now you’ll be seeing my articles somewhere that’s not the internet or the letter to the editor page of the nation (still my crowning achievement I believe). So cassandrae once again you’ve inspired me, first it was ‘true love waits’ and now i’m chasing a dream. I MUST BUY YOU A PACK OF SNICKERS BARS this weekend (the small mini ones that conviniently fit into your purse and are a dream to carry about..<no homo>)

anyway TTYL will post something much more interesting later 🙂 just to make you smile


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  1. Aww… you sweet, sweet thing.

    I dunno what is going on.. there’s a recklessness bug going around. *cough*

    OH, but I have so much faith in your ability to really rock this writing thing (more faith than I have in myself actually)… so maybe give me good reviews when you;re Mr Super-Writer-person..???

    But first.. the Snickers.. =)

    :* (Don’t worry, you’ll be fine..)

  2. aaaah…i’m freaking jealous of you lot! its not fair you can change courses at a whim! why not me? (law to med doesn’t count) ……..jealous jealous jealous

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