A rant/rave/vent

ignore the spelling mistakes this is a rant
your a prick,a cock ,a dick and every other synonym the western world has come up with to more or less insult someone with the essence of a penis behind it.And your not even the big kind you know,the kind some women might get attracted to,noooo.your the really small kind that when women see, they go write novels and sob stories with titles like ‘the little engine that couldn’ to kill the self esteem of blithering idiots such as yourself.Even a biologist would be baffled after having a look at you and would probably figure that your probably some primate/bat breed of being considering size and looks and clearly the bat’s genes took dominance and it had to be your mother cause you walk around with a face that only a mother (and a well paid whore)woud like.I could go on and on insulting you and venting my anger out on this public forum but nevertheless the only two people who might read this will never gather who you are,so i’ll tell em.
Whatever your name is you self serving bastard of a bus conductor who changed the fare while i was halfway f@%$k you.f@%$k you very much for saying it was 20ksh when i was getting on and then making it 30ksh when i was nearly getting off thus wrecking my budget.I hope someone with ebola gives you infected money and you die with blood oozing out of every single orifice possible.I’m stuck here in the lecture hall 10kshh short and thus i could only buy two packs of gum instead of my standard four,Each pack having atleast 4 little chiclets thus bringing my usual total to 16 and giving myself 15 minutes per chiclet (including a while of idle chewing)i’d have around 4 housrs of happy chewing in class but now i only have half that time thus reducing my productivity increasing my workload and essentially ruining my day.GOD….DAMNIT!!I WAAAAAANT TOOO CHEEEEEEEW!!!

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  1. questions as to y u filed this post under eastleigh bomb…in othr news still stalkin nd luvn ur blog

    p.s: i voted btw 🙂

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