charoy work (try it)


Clearly someone where you’re from is on crack or your doing it yourself because your suffering from the side effects ergo your delusional. Filling my inbox with nonsense about how some child in another third world country got burnt by her junkie father and needs 3million dollars for surgery and will only get it if I forward the email to 30 of my friends. That email and whatever computer you used to send it should be shoved up your arse. Unless bill gates and the big guys up at Microsoft developed avant gard software to track every forwarded email all I’ll be doing forwarding that email is wasting my time and that of my friends. Clearly your dumb enough to think that it’s working so live on in your ignorant bliss thinking that every time you forward an email little Bujimburu from Zaire will get lunch. Meanwhile real children are dying from hunger in your Goddamn backyard so get of the damn keyboard and donate food. That is if you really care. I’m still here and will probably remain here considering that whoever you trust to hand the food to the poor is probably a corrupt mini depot who beats his wife and rapes his daughter, so really why bother…..(case study th community service leader from my neighborhood now serving jail time)must pen off now, I have much more important things to so right now than care, like watch reruns of lost on ktn


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