archeology (yeah it’s a poem…shock)


What if my bones were in a museum?
Where aliens paid good money to see them?
And suppose that they’d put me together all wrong
Sticking bone on to bones where they didn’t belong!

Imagine phalanges, pelvis and spine
Welded to mandibles that once had been mine!
With each misassemblage, the error compounded,
The aliens would draw back in terror, astounded!

Their textbooks would show them me in grim illustration,
The most hideous thing ever seen in creation!
The museum would commission a model in plaster
Of ME, to be called “Evolutions disaster”!

And paleontologists there would debate
Dozens of theories to help postulate
How man survived those thousands of years
With teeth covered arms growing out of his ears!

Oh I hope that I’m never in such a manner displayed,
No matter HOW much to see me the aliens paid


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