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  • mary thinks she’s prgenant
  • God likes this
  • Joseph commented on mary’s status :  “WHAT!”
  • Joseph thinks Mary is cheating
  • Angel Gabriel is going to visit joseph
  • Joseph wrote on God’s wall “when i asked for a son, i didnt mean one of yours”
  • Jesus is born
  • the three wise men are shopping
  • jesus is at the temple
  • mary commented on Jesus statu “so thats where you are
  • jesus is at his first party
  • jesus cant believe his mom came with him to the party
  • Jesus wonders how cool it’ll be if he turns water to wine
  • 4500 people like this
  • john the baptist is baptising jesus
  • the holy spirit is hovering over jesus head as a dove. how wicked is this
  • God wrote on john the baptists wall: ” that is my son in whom i am well pleased.”
  • Jesus is the messiah
  • peter joined the group the disciple
  • john joined the group the disciples
  • 10 similar stories
  • jesus became a fan of loaves and fish
  • loaves and fish thanks to jesus we have 5000 fans. keep adding
  • Jesus give to caeser what belongs to caeser…peace
  • judas just got 12 pieces of silver neat
  • jesus commented on judas status : “from where”
  • Judas commented on his status : “ya know”
  • jesus is hosting the last supper. wine and breads for the disciples
  • 12 people like this
  • jesus thinks judas is a scumbag
  • judas commented on jesus status : “there was so much money. sorry dude”
  • judas is looking for rope
  • judas deactivated his account
  • peter Jesus who?
  • peter Jesus who?
  • peter Jesus who?
  • jesus just sent peter a cock’s crow
  • jesus is in court
  • pilate is washing his hand of the matter…
  • jesus is headed for execution
  • jesus it is finished
  • jesus deacticated his account
  • satan likes this
  • satan became a fan of the cross
  • satan became a fan of romans
  • satan became a fan of thorny crosses
  • satan became a fan of when i was your age, the son of god was alive

– by Kevin G Rigathi


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