Communal hangovers :) sunday mornings


Today while in the throes of a drug cartoon session i just remembered the good old days, two years back, when we’d go out then crash at someone’s house (usually mine) and wake up heavily hangoverd, ofcourse. The ensuing scene would usually go something like this. (note this is a mix of guys and girls ey)
It comes suddenly, starts with one person going ‘aw my HEAD!!’ Alcohol’s dulled perception but the chaps who’ve smoked up super heavy amounts of weed get smacked heaviest by any noise. Voices scatter into strange mumbles and cigarette smoke (usually mine) hangs at shoulder height hiding faces cringed by headaches. David plugs in a kettle, runs water them retches in the sink. The girls starved plagued by munchies dodge taz’s mumbled offer of hashish brownies and/cookies and swing open the fridge and pluck out a half eaten loaf of bread (stale) scratch, burp and maybe fart (yes girls fart, but men do it better :)) while they scratch out the humble beginnings of a sandwich or something resembling
“i think the milk’s bad, looks like cheese” only the sugar is safe, just make tea. Heat kills the bad part of milk MY EYES MY EYES Eggs! The fuck?… Move move!! I need to puke… water – fight dehydration gag gag gag you want these muffins? You’ll be stoned in seconds
(notice how there’s always some genius in the mix with good advice, that’s usually the first person who passed out first the night before)
will post more later today. Drug for the day is a cocktail benzedrine and ritalin. 🙂 fab mix that totally murdered my senses this morning. 8) no i’m not watching tyra, and even if i was it’s not gay. Not even close. It’s very macho to watch tyra plus there’s a midget in the crowd (not like i’d know that because i’m not watching)


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